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New SSmartcore Technology Platform for Two-Wheel EVs

SSmartcore Technology Platform

Gogoro, today announced a new SSmartcore technology platform is being introduced today on the new Gogoro SuperSport.

Gogoro, a global technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities, today announced a new SSmartcore technology platform is being introduced today on the new Gogoro SuperSport. This new technology will also be available to its Powered By Gogoro Network vehicles partners with future Gogoro Development Kits later this year.

“As an industry leader and innovator, Gogoro is committed to introducing new foundational technologies that set the stage for innovation of smart two-wheel vehicles from Gogoro and our partners,” said Horace Luke, founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Gogoro. “Gogoro’s SSmartcore technology platform enables a variety of new user experiences and capabilities that are available today on the new Gogoro Supersport smartscooter, and will be available to all of our vehicle partners in the future.”

SSmartcore Technology Platform

Developed exclusively by Gogoro, SSmartcore provides high-speed computing power with an expandable open architecture that enhances processing speed and connectivity of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Motor Controller Unit (MCU) increasing memory, long-distance remote monitoring and I/O control. The SSmartcore platform provides three times the computing power available on Gogoro’s current Smartscooters today, enabling a new generation of smart two-wheel vehicles.

“SSmartcore enables improved safety capabilities like a new generation of integrated E-traction control, improved user features like more responsive throttle control, and it enables integrated LTE connectivity for over-the-air updates and other location-based functionality,” said Luke.

Precision Power Response

SSmartcore allows the motor and digital throttle to integrate with the rest of Gogoro’s iQ system and sensors to deliver more precise motor control and real-time power calibration to provide intelligent traction control. Users achieve greater safety and control as well as access to custom settings to fine-tune their vehicle performance and riding style.The high speed processing power enables the motor to make milliseconds adjustments in torque and power so there is nearly zero lag in power delivery. Additionally, SSmartcore power enables Gogoro’s new active cruise control.

LTE Wireless

With SSmartcore, Gogoro is integrating LTE wireless connectivity for the first time. LTE connectivity provides riders with a new level of remote control, access and awareness of their vehicle including 24/7 active alerts, locking/unlocking, trunk opening, and real-time location. Additionally, it allows for even more precise real-time diagnostics and system status.

Traction Control

Utilizing the power of the SSmartcore platform, Gogoro developed a new integrated traction control system (TCS), the world’s first digital traction control system for two-wheel electric vehicles. SSmartCore’s upgraded computing capabilities monitor wheel rotation in relation to motor output on a millisecond bases, detecting any loss of grip, and instantly adjusting torque output until traction is regained.

Gogoro SuperSport

The new Gogoro SuperSport is first to be equipped with SSmartcore, improving overall response and computing performance and adding Gogoro’s new traction control system, LTE wireless connectivity services and other cutting-edge technologies that include: 7.6kW of power, 3.9 SEC. 0-50 KM/H and FLO DRIVE™ Sport.

Powered By Gogoro Network (PBGN)

Gogoro established the Powered By Gogoro Network (PBGN) program to help vehicle makers accelerate the development of electric two-wheel vehicles that integrate with Gogoro Network battery swapping. The Gogoro Development Kit (GDK) provides vehicle partners with access to its intelligent drivetrains and controllers, components, and smart systems. There are currently 47 Gogoro-powered vehicles from ten vehicles makers. 

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