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New Flyer to Supply Boston with Up to 460 Zero-Emissions Buses


Today, NFI Group Inc. (NFI), a prominent manufacturer of buses and coaches, as well as a pioneer in electric mass transportation solutions, announced that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has granted a contract to NFI’s subsidiary, New Flyer of America Inc. (New Flyer). The contract entails the potential purchase of up to 460 cutting-edge Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ 40-foot battery-electric transit buses (BEBs). The initial order comprises 80 vehicles, including 48 buses featuring New Flyer’s standard two-door setup and 32 buses equipped with an extra streetside door to facilitate dual-side boarding. Additionally, the contract includes options for an additional 380 buses.

The purchase will be supported by funds awarded through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No Emission (“Low-No”) grant program. This contract was added to New Flyer’s backlog in Q4 2023.

The new three-door design option for 40-foot buses is one of New Flyer’s latest technical advancements, ensuring faster, more flexible platform boarding and enhanced passenger experience. To see how dual-side boarding works, visit youtube.com/@NewFlyerVideos.

“The Xcelsior CHARGE NG incorporates the latest innovations of our battery-electric bus technology, which leads to a more efficient vehicle with longer range and better serviceability. The use of our proven Xcelsior platform will also make it easier for the MBTA to integrate these new vehicles into their fleet, due to the high commonality in training, parts, and service operations for the different propulsion options across the Xcelsior product family,” said Chris Stoddart, President, North American Bus and Coach, NFI. “The 25-year relationship between New Flyer and the MBTA has included more than 1,200 bus deliveries and is built on a mutual commitment to providing innovative and forward-focused transit solutions for the people of Boston and its surrounding areas.”

New Flyer’s Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ bus incorporates three distinct technology advancements: high-energy batteries, advanced protective battery packaging for easy installation and simpler serviceability, and a lightweight electric traction drive system with up to 90% energy recovery. For more information, visit newflyer.com/ng.

NFI is a leader in zero-emission mobility, with electric vehicles operating (or on order) in more than 150 cities in six countries. NFI offers the widest range of zero-emission battery and fuel cell-electric buses and coaches, and its vehicles have completed over 150 million EV service miles.

Today, NFI supports growing North American cities with scalable, clean, and sustainable mobility solutions through its mobility solution ecosystem, which includes buses and coaches; infrastructure; parts and service; technology; workforce development and training; and vehicle financing. NFI also operates the Vehicle Innovation Center (“VIC”), the first and only innovation lab of its kind dedicated to advancing bus and coach technology and providing workforce development. Since opening in late 2017, the VIC has hosted over 350 interactive events, welcoming 7,000 industry professionals for EV and infrastructure training.


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