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New BENTELER EV Platform for Minibus Segment

EV Platform for Minibus Segment

BENTELER, a leading global partner to the automotive industry is offering a special EV platform for a people mover in the minibus segment.

BENTELER is offering a special platform concept for a people mover in the minibus segment. The e-mobility solution is designed for minibuses in the 15 to 22 passenger range. With it, BENTELER is meeting the demand for environmentally friendly mobility solutions – even in passenger conveyance.

With the platform, the automotive supplier is building on its experience gained with the BENTELER Electric Drive System rolling chassis. “This innovative solution for passenger cars is already on the market. Many years of know-how and a great deal of practical experience went into the development of the new platform for the people mover,” emphasizes Marco Kollmeier, Vice President of the E-Mobility Business Unit at BENTELER Automotive. “At the same time, the new platform concept also meets the special requirements of passenger conveyance – an area where, until now, the growing demand from mobility providers has met with a very low level of supply. With this, we are taking another innovative step in e-mobility.”

The key features of the new people mover platform are:

  1. Flat vehicle floor that allows passengers to stand and walk regardless of wheelbase
  2. Drive train integrated in front and rear modules
  3. Compact battery tray from BENTELER, which optimally integrates the battery into the chassis
  4. Frame structure that allows a flexible design of the shuttle. This enables BENTELER’s customers to use lightweight and cost-effective materials, such as plastics, for the individual design of the exterior.
  5. The people mover platform – when equipped with appropriate systems – also enables autonomous driving (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems/ADAS Level 4 and 5). Here, the driver’s seat is omitted, which creates more space for passengers or transport of goods with the same basic structure and exterior.

Modular design shortens the time to market for mobility providers

“With the new platform concept, BENTELER is supporting manufacturers in developing inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly e-mobility solutions that accelerate their business,” emphasizes Kollmeier. “This is because the modular, pre-integrated systems of the people mover platform offer many advantages in making tomorrow’s mobility easier, safer and more sustainable. They enable automotive manufacturers and industry entrants to implement e-mobility solutions for passenger transportation efficiently and with reduced time to market. And that’s in any market: BENTELER can manufacture the people mover platform worldwide.”

BENTELER has many years of experience in the development and production of chassis modules, platforms and large structural components. Added to this are comprehensive know-how in system integration and a marked awareness of quality. “With our strong partner network, we can also develop and manufacture complete shuttles,” Kollmeier adds. He highlights another advantage: “Together with our partners, we offer pre-designed solutions into which our customers can deploy their ADAS systems. This saves them valuable development time for quick market entry.”

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