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Mobis Receives Order for Battery System Assembly from Major Global Automaker

Battery System Assembly

Battery System Assembly to be integrated into the next generation EV-exclusive platforms and supplied from a new local production base to be built near the automaker’s plant.

Mobis has successfully secured a large-scale overseas contract in the future mobility sector, specifically in the electric vehicle business. This is an extensive order for electric vehicle components that the company has received from a key global automaker, a remarkable achievement that acknowledges the company’s competitive edge in mass production of electric vehicle parts, which Mobis has been building meticulously for over 10 years.

Mobis announced on 9 that it had successfully secured an order for Battery System Assembly, an essential component of electric vehicles, from Volkswagen AG. The Battery System Assembly supplied by Mobis will be integrated into Volkswagen’s next-generation electric vehicle platform.

The Battery System Assembly (BSA) refers to a complete product that combines a battery pack with the battery management system (BMS) and other components, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the battery in an electric vehicle. High-capacity and high-efficiency battery systems are crucial components that greatly influence the quality and performance of electric vehicles. Mobis is known for its portfolio of battery systems that can be applied to all types of green vehicles called xEVs, including hybrids and battery electric cars.

Mobis plans to establish a new production base near an automobile plant in Spain to supply said BSAs after obtaining board approval within this year. Currently, Mobis operates BSA production lines in Korea and the Czech Republic, with new electric vehicle hubs also being set up in the United States and Indonesia. With this recent order, Mobis has obtained a stable foundation to expand its presence in the global electric vehicle market across major regions. The expansion of global production bases with proactive investment and aggressive marketing activities centered on the key account management (KAM) teams for dedicated support for the local customers were the driving force of this large-scale order for EV components.

In light of this sizable overseas contract, Mobis is expecting additional orders for electric vehicle components in the global market. Recently, global automakers have been making massive investments in transitioning to electric vehicles, aiming to secure a leading position in the future mobility market ahead of their competitors. Mobis has been establishing its expertise and competitive edge in the mass production of essential electric vehicle components for over 10 years since it opened Chungju Plant in Korea, a factory dedicated to the production of xEV components, in 2013.

SOURCE: Hyundai Mobis

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