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Milence Announces Construction of Second Heavy-Duty Vehicle Charging Hub

Milence, the joint venture of Daimler Truck, the TRATON GROUP, and Volvo Group, unveils its second charging hub in

Milence, the joint venture of Daimler Truck, the TRATON GROUP, and Volvo Group, unveils its second charging hub in France, situated in Perpignan. Positioned strategically, this hub enjoys a prime geographical location near the A9 highway, a crucial logistics artery linking Spain, France, and northern Europe. As it evolves through phased development, this milestone underscores Milence’s commitment to hastening the adoption of electric transportation for heavy-duty vehicles throughout Europe.

Further expansion in France  

This announcement follows the opening of Milence’s first charging hub in France, located near Rouen, in April 2024. Both hubs embody Milence’s commitment to a fossil-free future for road transport. To achieve this, Milence is actively developing its network to create green corridors for road transport. Milence hubs are designed not only to meet the energy requirements of electric trucks but also to enhance the overall rest and recharge experience for drivers. 

The new charging hub is located in the city of Perpignan, under the administration of the Perpignan Town Hall. The city is 40km from the Spanish border, within a key industrial zone in the shipping of fruit and vegetables in the region and Europe-wide. 

The hub will be developed in phases. In phase one, scheduled for September 2024, charging infrastructure will be built alongside on-site facilities such as toilets and showers. Initially, the hub will feature three CCS (Combined Charging System) charging points powering six bays with up to 400 kW of charging power.  

This will be further supplemented in the second phase of development, to increase capacity by adding additional MCS (Megawatt Charging System) charging points. This will significantly boost charging speed and enhance the capacity of the charging hub. 

Recognisable Milence design 

When completed, the hub will feature the unique Milence arch and canopies as well as additional facilities for the drivers. Milence charging hubs are open to all trucks, regardless of brand, and the Milence app allows drivers to easily locate them and make payments. 

Anja van Niersen, CEO of Milence, said: “We are very happy to expand our network and announce the development of our second charging hub in France. This new site in Perpignan will enhance our presence along key corridors, supporting electric road transport between key logistics hubs in the south of France and towards Spain. Our commitment to building a sustainable charging infrastructure across Europe is clear and each new development is a strong step forward.” 

SOURCE: Milence

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