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Microvast Selected by MAFI & TREPEL as Battery Supplier for Electric Tractors

Battery Supplier for Electric Tractors

Microvast’s MV-C Gen 4 lithium-ion battery packs to power MAFI & TREPEL’s Electric Terminal Tractor and Charger 380e Tractor.

Microvast, a technology innovator that designs, develops, and manufactures lithium-ion battery solutions, has announced a partnership to supply lithium-ion batteries for MAFI & TREPEL.

The partnership between Microvast and MAFI & TREPEL began in 2021 with the development of a prototype battery pack tailored to meet the specific requirements of their industrial tractors. Building on the success of the initial collaboration, Microvast was selected to supply their newest MV-C Gen 4 battery systems. Delivery of the battery systems will commence in 2023.

Microvast’s MV-C Gen 4 high-energy lithium-ion battery packs have been specifically designed for commercial vehicle applications, offering a high energy density of 53.5Ah, a long cycle life of 5,000+ cycles, and a modular pack design for easy installation.

“MAFI & TREPEL conducted thorough research and chose Microvast as their trusted partner due to Microvast’s extensive experience in supplying advanced battery solutions for high-power commercial vehicles,” explained SvenWoyciniuk, Head of Electrical Engineering atMAFI & TREPEL. “Microvast’s high-performance battery technologies provide the required high energy density, enabling us to deliver the high power and performance our industrial vehicles require to move heavy loads and perform demanding industrial applications,” continued Woyciniuk.

With its vertical integration, Microvast has the unique ability to customize battery solutions for their customers. “Our program management, customer support, and engineering teams collaborated closely with the MAFI & TREPEL team to ensure we created the perfect battery solution to meet their needs,” said Sascha Kelterborn, Chief Revenue Officer at Microvast Holdings, Inc. “Our goal is to always deliver the highest quality battery solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. The partnership between Microvast and MAFI & TREPEL is a testament to our ability to adapt and innovate in response to our customers’ requirements,” explained Kelterborn.

Microvast’s game-changing lithium-ion battery solutions are redefining the possibilities for commercial transportation and heavy equipment. “We’re creating the next generation of batteries and shaping new opportunities for a more sustainable future,” stated Kelterborn. “Together, Microvast and MAFI & TREPEL are accelerating the electrification of heavy-duty tractors and making a difference in reducing emissions.”

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