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Volcon Announces First Shipment of Updated Grunt EVO Electric Motorcycle

Grunt EVO

Volcon, the pioneering electric off-road powersports manufacturer, has initiated the shipment of its innovative Grunt EVO motorcycle.

Volcon, the pioneering electric off-road powersports manufacturer, has initiated the shipment of its innovative Grunt EVO motorcycle. The company is excited to begin delivering the enhanced, fat-tire motorcycle to dealers and customers across North and Latin America. Dealers, distributors, and existing reservation holders can anticipate delivery within two to three weeks.

Originally launched in April, the EVO has generated excitement, promising riders an unparalleled off-road experience with updated features and innovative design. Since the formal launch this spring, customers have been able to customize their EVO motorcycle on Volcon’s website, selecting one of three colors, along with an array of accessories, which they can purchase from their preferred dealer. Early adopters can expect to receive their motorcycles within the coming weeks and are encouraged to reach out to their dealer for more information.

The Company’s first product to market was the EVO’s predecessor, the Grunt FE. The EVO features foundational elements of the original Grunt, but incorporates improvements that elevate and differentiate the latest edition from the classic. Key upgrades were implemented to make it quieter, lighter, more stylish, and comfortable for riders. The main component behind the EVO’s near-silent ride is the introduction of the Gates Carbon Belt Drive (Moto X9) as opposed to a chain drive utilized on the previous Grunt FE model.

The first set of featured accessories include a Flat Rear Rack, Utility Rack, Tow Hitch, Tank Bag, and other storage options, all of which you can find on the Company’s website. Customers can also select the gold anodized forks that were a classic component of the Grunt FE as an accessory. The EVO boasts three different colors, each an ode to the Texas company’s roots, rounding out an array of options for consumers to make the EVO uniquely their own.

Volcon continues to expand their customer base with new editions of their two-wheel and UTV product lines, targeting outdoor enthusiasts, traditional powersports families, wildlife conservation groups, and other audiences needing silent, rugged vehicles with exceptional all-terrain capabilities. Once the Company completes several rounds of EVO deliveries to fulfill pre-orders, additional shipments will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those interested can custom configure their EVO at no cost on Volcon’s website and select a dealer for pickup.

SOURCE: Volcon

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