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Michelin Launches Pilot Sport EV Tire for Electric Sports Vehicles

Michelin Pilot Sport EV

Michelin has launched its first tire designed to address the specific demands made by electric sports cars, the Pilot Sport EV Tire.

Michelin has launched its first tire designed to address the specific demands made by electric sports cars.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV is the result of the unique experience Michelin has acquired in Formula E racing

A founding partner of Formula E, Michelin proposed a specific solution for the championship’s all-electric single-seaters that is similar in its concept to a road tire. The Michelin Formula E tire is capable of racing in any weather conditions, while its size – 18 inches – is consistent with current road-car norms.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV benefits directly from the progress Michelin has achieved over six seasons in Formula E and incorporates ElectricGrip CompoundTM technology which features a hard compound for the center of the tread to provide the grip required to handle high torque characteristics of electric sports cars. The sidewalls carry over the same pattern and velvet-finish markings of Michelin’s Formula E tire.

An eco-responsible, CO2-neutral tire at the point of sale(1)

In order to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the life of its tire and address the demands of electric sports car owners, Michelin has pledged to neutralize the CO2 emissions associated with the tire’s production and transport to its point of sale. This process includes the financing of projects aimed at offsetting and absorbing the residual CO2 emissions associated with tire production through the Livelihoods carbon fund until the day comes when it will be possible to eliminate them entirely.

Michelin is currently the only manufacturer that is active in the original-equipment and replacement electric sports car tire market. The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV will be rolled during 2021 in a choice of 16 sizes (original equipment: 11 sizes / replacement market: 5 sizes) for 18- to 22-inch rims.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV is already available in China and will be available on vehicles released in Europe and North America from the third quarter 2021. By 2024, Michelin plans to increase its sales in this high-growth market by a factor of eight.

1 Michelin has cut CO2 emissions from its industrial sites by 25% since 2010 and aims at their carbon neutrality by 2050. Michelin is engaged in funding projects designed to absorb or avoid CO2 emissions and draws upon the carbon credits stemming from these projects up to the level of residual emissions linked to the production of MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tires (from extraction of the raw materials to delivery of the tires to the customer). (Cf. Livelihoods Carbon Fund) – Cf https://www.michelin.com/en/sustainable-development-mobility/environment/ 

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