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Marelli Electric Powertrain Strasbourg Wins E-Axle Contract With Major OEM

Marelli Electric Powertrain

Marelli Electric Powertrain has announced the award of its first important contract with a major OEM for the production of e-axles.

The company, a joint venture between Marelli and Punch Motive International, is awarded its first significant contract within months of being established

Marelli Electric Powertrain Strasbourg, the joint venture between MARELLI and PUNCH Motive International established in May 2021, has today announced the successful award of its first important contract with a major worldwide OEM for the production of e-axles.

The awarded e-axle will be developed, tested and manufactured by Marelli Electric Powertrain Strasbourg and the start of production is planned for 2024.

Combining the proven expertise of the two partners, the JV company – which is majority owned by Marelli – develops and assembles optimized integrated e-axle systems for BEVs or Plug-in Hybrid cars, for Europe and the Americas. The acquisition of this first order since the JV became operational is recognition within the market for its advanced technological capabilities.

The e-axle system will be compatible with the strictest of functional safety requirements, such as ASIL–D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level D). It will be one of the most compact, efficient and high-performance solutions in the market. Another unique feature lies in the ability to ensure an optimal drivability to BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), through functions such as the active torque vectoring, that brings agility to the driving.

Hannes Prenn, President of Marelli’s Vehicle Electrification division said, “This JV was created to address a gap in the EV portfolio of the Marelli Vehicle Electrification Division. To achieve such a significant award so soon after its formation demonstrates perfectly the rationale for establishing the business. The focus on e-axles for full electrification systems is a key element in the Marelli Vehicle Electrification strategy. Coupled with our established track record in electric powertrain and thermal management, it frames a comprehensive approach that enables the efficient control of the energy flow in vehicles of today and tomorrow.”

As a key system for electric vehicles, the e-axle is a core technology within Marelli’s e-mobility growth strategy. With the accelerating shift toward e-mobility, Marelli´s goal is to expand its unique integrated offering as a full system provider for vehicle electrification, including e-Motors, inverters and software, battery management solutions. Thermal management also plays a major role in this. Reducing power dissipation and optimizing cooling are of paramount importance for lifespan and efficiency gains.

The Marelli Electric Powertrain Strasbourg joint venture benefits from the expertise and know-how within the Marelli Vehicle Electrification Division, as well as from the strong technological competence of PUNCH group, with reference in particular to the centers of expertise in Strasbourg, focused on gearbox engineering and manufacturing, and in Turin, the specialist focused on system management and software expertise.

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