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Mando Unveils “Freedom in Mobility” Using X-by-Wire Technology


Mando unveils its new vision based on safety and freedom, the “Freedom in Mobility”, at CES 2021, using X-by-Wire technology.

Mando unveils its new vision based on safety and freedom, the “Freedom in Mobility”, at CES 2021. Mando explains the details of “Freedom” they define, especially in terms of freedom in mobility such as “Space Freedom”, “Smart Delivery”, etc. Also, a future automotive solution, where a vehicle seamlessly communicates with a driver via an integrated module of “x-by-Wire” technology including Mando’s BbW (Brake-by-Wire) and SbW (Steer-by-Wire) all connected by the electric hyper-connectivity, will be introduced. The Smart Personal Mobility Module (SPM Module) connects people with micro-mobility. The SPM Module, as the world’s first chainless pedal-assisted system, provides the freedom to the design of micro mobility.

“Space Freedom” enables freedom in in-cabin activities beyond the architectural limits of a vehicle. In fully autonomous driving mode, space freedom is especially needed the most because a driver has all this time available for activities other than driving. With Mando’s SbW (Steer-by-Wire), which has been awarded with CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree, auto stow function is enabled which allows the steering wheel to be stowed away when not in use and taken out again for use when needed. That is how SbW realizes the true freedom in Space. Car makers can now enjoy the freedom from their architectural limits of vehicle design. “By-wire” technology of Mando can also be applied to the brake system, which is called BbW (Brake by Wire). It is composed of 4 units of EMB (Electro Mechanical Brake), mounted on “4-corner module (4 wheels)”, “E-Brake-Pedal (Electronic brake pedal)”, and DCU (Domain Control Unit). Brake-by-Wire eliminates ESC (Electronic Stability Control), booster (brake boost), parking cable, engine oil tube, etc., and obviously it is operated only by pure electric signal. “E-Brake-Pedal” also has “auto stow” function to put away the pedal when not in use and take it out again when needed. It provides much more free space in┬áleg room for drivers. BbW does not use brake oil, thus it is easy to maintain and eco-friendly as well. Mando, as the only company in the world to develop/manufacture brake, steering, suspension, and ADAS, has been accelerating the development of “In-Wheel-Motor (drive part in electric vehicle)” and “ECM (Electric-Corner-Module)” based on the experience of designing ‘SbW’ and ‘BbW’.

“SPM Module (Smart Personal Mobility Module)” introduced by Mando is a chainless pedal-assisted electric drive system. Micro mobility manufacturers are the target customers. SPM Module enables the novel concepts of 2, 3 or 4-wheels and it also provides various lifestyles in numbers of scenes in our daily life. SPM Module, with cutting-edge technology such as AI, IoT, Cloud, etc., is aimed for the delivery market first, and is planned to start making its way to the European market this year.

The autonomous driving technology of Mando has its priority on the safety of drivers. Mando, which develops / manufactures from detection sensor (camera, radar, etc.) to main controller (DCU: Domain control Unit) and control software, introduces the dual safety (redundant) control technology based on the “High Performance DCU” at this CES. This dual safety device is also applied to the brake and steering (driving system) component.

Mando plans to approach the global customer at this CES. Taking CES 2021 as a start, Mando is showing its strong willingness to challenge the future without any limitation as a cutting-edge mobility integrated solution provider.

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