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MAHLE Successful with Electric A/C Compressor

Electric A/C Compressor

MAHLE is successfully establishing itself as a supplier for e-mobility. One bestseller in this area is the electric A/C compressor.

MAHLE is successfully establishing itself as a supplier for e-mobility. One bestseller in this area is the electric A/C compressor, for which the technology group from Stuttgart has already secured numerous series orders in the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors. The total order volume is approximately 1.4 billion euros. Most recently, MAHLE introduced the most powerful e-compressor currently available on the market with a peak power of 18 kW. E-compressors are the heart of thermal management in electric vehicles. The key component is important for the temperature control of the e-drive and thus crucial for the service life, charging speed and cruising range of the battery. In addition, it ensures pleasant passenger comfort. “MAHLE will continue to expand its role as a complete system supplier for air conditioning in electric vehicles,” said Arnd Franz, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of the MAHLE Group.

With its electric A/C compressor, MAHLE is a pioneer in high-voltage technology, i.e. voltage levels above 400 volts, and large compressor displacements. These characteristics enable, for example, ultra-fast charging, which is so important for modern electric vehicles. MAHLE currently offers its high-voltage compressor in voltage ranges up to 900 volts and displacements up to 57 cm3. Its compact design means that it can be used in all vehicle classes, from passenger cars to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The extremely small installation space requirements are made possible by the patented refrigerant cooling of the compressor motor and electronics.

One of the biggest challenges with electric battery-powered vehicles is also cabin acoustics. Here, passengers find the smallest vibrations and the slightest noise developments disturbing. The noise-optimized high-voltage compressor from MAHLE effectively causes just slightest vibrations. The result is very smooth running and best acoustics.

In addition to e-compressors for e-mobility, MAHLE also develops and produces electric actuators, auxiliary components, engine accessories, auxiliary aggregates, the electronics and software, and the entire thermal management system. E-mobility and thermal management are among the technology group’s strategic fields. Between 2022 and 2026, more than 20 electrified vehicle platforms from leading passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers will be launched on the market that rely on MAHLE technology and products. The supplier is thus fully on course for transformation. MAHLE already generates over 60 percent of its sales independently of the passenger car combustion engine. This should increase to 75 percent by 2030.

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