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MAHLE and ProLogium to Develop and Evaluate Thermal Management Solutions for Next Generation Solid-State Batteries

Thermal Management Solutions

MAHLE and ProLogium signed a MoU for developing and evaluating thermal management solutions for next generation solid-state batteries.

MAHLE and ProLogium signed a Memorandum of Understanding for developing and evaluating thermal management solutions for next generation solid-state batteries. Solid-state cells are expected to have significant advantages in the future in terms of safety and energy density, which contribute to higher driving ranges and higher safety standards for battery systems. Both parties will cooperate focusingon tailored thermal management solutions, which account for the specific properties of ProLogium’s technology. This will support competitive battery systems with high efficiency, energy density, lifetime and fast charging capability. “The cooperation with ProLogium is an absolute win-win situation. With the combined expertise of the two groups, we will shape future battery technologies with superior properties”, said Arnd Franz, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board and CEO.

“I believe ProLogium’s joint forces with MAHLE propel the commercialization of reliable and efficient solid-state battery solutions that advance electric vehicles to the next level. With the collaboration, we are on track to achieve a net-zero future.” said Vincent Yang, CEO and founder of ProLogium Technology.

Efficient thermal management is what makes efficient e-mobility possible in the first place. Heating and cooling in vehicles are an essential technology field for electrification and MAHLE core business. When it comes to battery cooling systems, MAHLE is one of the pioneers and has been in series production for well over a decade. Based on the ProLogium solid-state technology, MAHLE evaluates the thermal requirements on cell, cell module, battery pack and vehicle system level to derive optimal thermal management solutions. This covers not only competitiveness in terms of performance, efficiency and costs but explicitly addresses ageing assessments, as the battery value over lifetime is playing a critical role for mass market penetration and future second-hand market for electric vehicles. The outcome in turn will further accelerate the development of solid-state technology and improve the properties of the cells. “Developing the very first thermal management solutions tailor-made for solid-state batteries will be a crucial step towards commercialization”, said Dr. Uli Christian Blessing, Vice President Product Development Thermal Management at MAHLE.

ProLogium’s oxide solid-state lithium ceramic battery will contribute to longer driving range, faster charging and better battery recyclability. Electrification and thermal management are closely interwoven. MAHLE is one of the very few suppliers that are active in both fields with excellent expertise. The Group has developed innovative technologies to increase the cruising range and fast-charging capability of electric vehicles, as well as to bring more comfort to electric vehicles.


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