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Lucid to Debut Three Vehicles in the European Market

Lucid Gravity

Lucid Group, Inc. is establishing groundbreaking benchmarks in electric luxury vehicles and anticipates an exciting 2024 with the

Lucid Group, Inc. is establishing groundbreaking benchmarks in electric luxury vehicles and anticipates an exciting 2024 with the introduction of three vehicles to the European market. Making their debut at the Geneva International Motor Show from February 26 to March 3, 2024, are the SUV Gravity, the Air Sapphire, and the Rear-Wheel-Drive version of the Air Pure. Additionally, the California-based EV company is unveiling expanded service offerings and an updated portfolio of its Air lineup.

What unites all Lucid cars is a proprietary technology that allows the automotive technology of tomorrow to be experienced today. It is characterized by short charging times – up to 400 kilometers within 16 minutes – and very long ranges of up to 839 kilometers. Always combined with the elegant design and high-quality interior for which Lucid is renowned. These attributes naturally also apply to the three new models that Lucid is presenting to the European market at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show.

Further expansion in Europe
Lucid is present in four key European markets: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Norway. In these countries, the brand has established six Lucid retail spaces, so-called Lucid Studios. Based in prime locations, the studios deliver an immersive and informative experience around the brand and the flagship model Lucid Air.

To underline both importance and commitment to its European operations, Lucid plans to open another four studios in Germany in 2024: Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Stuttgart. There, even more customers will be able to book test drives and access the groundbreaking technology, craftsmanship, and driving experience that define Lucid. In addition, the brand plans to significantly expand the European Lucid service network, both with permanent locations and mobile solutions.

The most efficient electric saloon: Lucid Air Pure RWD
With an energy consumption of just 13.0 kWh/100 km according to WLTP makes the new entry-level model the champion when it comes to efficiency. With a maximum output of up to 442 PS/pk/ch, the RWD can reach 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and has a range of up to 747 kilometers. The electric motor developed and manufactured by Lucid and the new, unique battery pack ensure an intense and long-lasting driving experience. With a base price of 85,000 Euros, the Air Pure RWD is the attractive entry-level model from the Californian EV brand.

Electric SUV redefined: Lucid Gravity
The electric luxury SUV of tomorrow: the Gravity accelerates to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, has a predicted WLTP range of over 700 kilometers and a maximum output of more than 800 hp. This is made possible by the latest version of Lucid’s award-winning dual engine. Based on a brand-new SUV platform, the Gravity offers enough space for seven adults including luggage in a luxurious and comfortable interior. The innovative design provides a delightful and exceptional driving experience. The floating 34-inch screen with 6K display also contributes to this. Production of Gravity will begin in late 2024.

Luxury meets high performance: Lucid Air Sapphire
One of the world’s first electric luxury super sports saloons combines cutting-edge technology, sophisticated design and versatility on the road. With three motors for optional handling, the Air Sapphire takes electric performance to the next level. 1,251 hp catapults it to 100 km/h in around two seconds. At the same time, it reaches a top speed of 330 km/h. The expected WLTP range is over 700 kilometers. Other features include four driving modes, carbon-ceramic brakes, a special aerodynamics package and a racetrack-tuned suspension. The starting price is 250,000 Euros.

Wallbox and maintenance service included
As a further highlight, Lucid has updated the Air line-up portfolio this year and offers new equipment features for an even more luxurious experience. These include a wider choice of interior and exterior colors, including the popular Stealth look, which is now available at a lower price. In addition, the exterior color Fathom Blue is now also available for Air Touring and Air Grand Touring alongside the Air Pure model variant.

Lucid has not only expanded the Air lineup itself but will also be offering customers new services in the future: When purchasing a Lucid Air, a Wallbox Pulsar Max charging station (22 kW) is included for convenient charging at home. In addition, a maintenance service is included for a period of two years (or 40,000 km), which provides additional security and complements Lucid’s comprehensive warranty.

The Air series consists of these four models

Air Pure RWD

  • With a range of up to 747 kilometers according to WLTP, a maximum output of up to 325 kW / 442 hp and a base price of 85,000 Euros, the new Air Pure RWD is Lucid’s epitome of luxury.
  • On request, the Air Pure RWD is available with 14 or 20-way electrically adjustable front seats with ventilation and massage function as well as extended options for the interior.

Air Touring

  • The Air Touring is the perfect match of range, speed and space for passengers and cargo. It is Lucid’s affordable all-wheel drive vehicle and has more power and faster acceleration than the Air Pure RWD. The Air Touring offers a maximum output of up to 462 kW / 628 hp and a range of 725 kilometers. Prices start at 99,000 Euros*.

Air Grand Touring

  • The Air Grand Touring defends its position as the longest-range luxury vehicle with a range of 839 kilometers, surpassing all electric cars currently available in Europe. With a base price of 129,000 Euros*, the Air Grand Touring features an updated powertrain with a maximum output of up to 611 kW / 831 hp, which improves thermal performance and enables enduringly dynamic driving.

Air Sapphire

  • The Air Sapphire, which will be launched on the German market in the third quarter of 2024, is one of the world’s first electric super sports sedans and Lucid’s top-of-the-range model. Equipped with a three-motor drivetrain and a total of 1,251 hp, the Sapphire accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in around two seconds and reaches a top speed of 330 km/h. The expected WLTP range is over 700 kilometers, subject to the results of European homologation. The starting price is 250,000 Euros*.

Experience Lucid across Europe
Lucid is expanding the opportunity for European electric vehicle enthusiasts and potential buyers to experience the Air up close. At its studios and on the Lucid Air Tour Europe 2024, potential buyers can test drive the luxurious electric vehicle and experience its elegance and performance for themselves. Lucid invites all interested parties to discover tomorrow’s automotive technology today. To book an appointment for a test drive with the latest Lucid Air models, please register on this website: https://lucidmotors.com/de-de/request-test-drive


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