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Lucid and SiriusXM to Introduce SiriusXM Across Full Lineup of Lucid Vehicles


SiriusXM and Lucid announce that SiriusXM’s audio entertainment experience will be a standard in the full lineup of Lucid vehicles.

SiriusXM and Lucid announced today that SiriusXM’s audio entertainment experience will be a standard in-dash feature across the full lineup of Lucid vehicles. With this new agreement, SiriusXM will debut in the award-winning luxury electric vehicles from Lucid, which include the Lucid Air, the longest-range, fastest-charging electric car on the market. SiriusXM will be available on the entire Lucid Air vehicle lineup, including Lucid Air Dream Edition, Air Grand Touring Performance, Air Grand Touring, Air Touring and Air Pure.

A beta version of SiriusXM will be available soon at no cost to Lucid owners, who will receive access to hundreds of SiriusXM channels plus access to podcasts and other on-demand SiriusXM programming. In 2023, SiriusXM and Lucid expect to deliver the full SiriusXM implementation to Lucid owners with additional features that will enhance their in-car audio entertainment experience. Upon the full launch, all Lucid Air owners will receive a free three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM.

“Lucid has created an extraordinary lineup of vehicles, combining exceptional comfort with groundbreaking technology,” said Joe Verbrugge, Chief Commercial Officer, SiriusXM. “SiriusXM provides an unrivaled audio experience in the car and we are looking forward to delivering to every Lucid driver our unique combination of music, entertainment, sports and more, along with helpful features that make it easier to find the kind of programming they’ll love from across our wide-ranging content lineup.”

“We’re thrilled to offer Lucid customers the incredible breadth and depth of SiriusXM’s audio programming with expertly curated music, entertainment and sports, personalized to fit the vibe of any length road trip,” said Michael Bell, Lucid’s Senior Vice President of Digital. “Our customers have requested SiriusXM, and in the coming months, all new and existing Lucid Air owners will receive a beta version of SiriusXM via an over-the-air software update, making their audio experience even better.”

Designed as a true software-defined vehicle, Lucid Air was engineered from the start to get better over time with future-ready hardware so new features can easily be added. The addition of SiriusXM is just the latest example of how over-the-air software updates enable Lucid Air customers to enhance their experience and meet their needs long after they take delivery.

SiriusXM’s music channels are expertly curated, ad-free, and deliver an exceptionally wide array of audio choices for listeners. Covering every genre across many decades, channels feature popular tracks and deep cuts from popular artists, as well as introduce listeners to new and emerging musicians and bands. Artist-branded channels from Hall of Fame and iconic talent feature original content that can’t be heard anywhere else. SiriusXM’s concept-based channels such as Road Trip Radio and Yacht Rock Radio, or its many activity and mood-based channels, are designed to deliver a more personalized music experience that fits the moment.

Lucid owners will have access to SiriusXM’s Pandora Stations feature, which employs Pandora’s personalization technology to give users the ability to create channels based on their favorite artists, and then customize those channels to play even more of what they want to hear.

SiriusXM offers the most extensive lineup of professional and college sports in audio; news from around the country and the world from many sources and political perspectives; the scoop on the latest from the world of entertainment; hours of stand-up by the funniest comics; and more.

SiriusXM will also deliver personalized recommendations to users based on their listening history so they can easily find the programming that they like best from across SiriusXM’s many channels.

For more on all that SiriusXM offers visit SiriusXM.com.

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