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LiveWire Opens European Reservations for S2 Del Mar


LiveWire, a prominent electric motorcycle producer, is pleased to announce the commencement of reservations for the

LiveWire, a prominent electric motorcycle producer, is pleased to announce the commencement of reservations for the European production edition of their latest S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle, along with the confirmation of pricing specific to each market. The Del Mar has garnered favourable feedback from recent purchasers in the U.S., where LiveWire has initiated deliveries of the completely sold-out Launch Edition. Additionally, the company has affirmed the scheduled delivery dates for the Launch Edition and the production variants of the Del Mar for customers in Europe.

S2 Del Mar Pricing incl. VAT

  • France €18,690
  • Germany €18,490
  • Netherlands €18,790
  • U.K. £16,990

Reservations & Product Details

For European LiveWire consumers, reservations for the S2 Del Mar will open at 4 p.m. CET on October 25, and require a €100 or £100 fee. The production version of Del Mar will be available in 3 colours: Nimbus Grey, Nightfall Blue, and Asphalt Black. The Del Mar features an acceleration time of 0-100 KPH in 3.0 seconds, 181 KM of city range, over-the-air updates, and utilizes both L1 and L2 charging technology for charging flexibility and convenience regardless of location or environment.

Delivery Calendar

With Del Mar reservations opening October 25, LiveWire has defined the delivery calendar and plan for both versions of the bike and the customers who have placed reservations.

  • S2 Del Mar Launch Edition Planned to Deliver Q1, 2024
  • S2 Del Mar Planned to Follow the Launch Edition later in Q1, 2024

A2 License Eligibility

Unrestricted A and A2 License holders in Europe can legally ride LiveWire’s S2 Del Mar due to the added benefits of the S2 electric powertrain because Del Mar’s peak power is rated at 63 kW (84.5 hp) while the continuous rated power is 30 kW (40.2 hp), which qualifies Del Mar as A2 License eligible.

European S2 Del Mar Demo Schedule
25th – 28th of October
Düsseldorf, Germany
Grande Armée, France

31st of October – 4th of November
Frankfurt, Germany
Bastille, France

7th – 11th of November
München, Germany
Saint-Cloud, France

15th – 18th of November
London, UK

14th – 15th of November
Saint-Cloud, France

17th – 18th of November
Caen Salon Auto-Moto, France

21st – 25th of November
Manchester, UK
Lyon, France

28th of November – 2nd of December
Cheltenham, UK
Cagnes, France

5th- 9th of December
Marseille Castellane, France

6th – 9th of December
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SOURCE: LiveWire

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