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Lion Electric Announces Final Certification of LionBattery HD

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The Lion Electric Company (“Lion” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty urban

The Lion Electric Company (“Lion” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles, announced today the successful final certification of its LionBattery HD, a lithium-ion battery pack specifically designed for the Company’s purpose-built heavy-duty trucks.

Lion, in collaboration with third-party testing partners, conducted stringent testing to meet the certification requirements. The LionBattery HD pack is now certified to meet the most rigorous criteria and safety regulations in the automotive industry.

These 105 kWh proprietary battery packs will power the Lion8 Tractor, an all-electric Class 8 commercial truck, which was unveiled on May 21, 2024, during the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas.

Lion had previously announced in December 2023 the certification of its medium-duty (“MD”) battery pack, the LionBattery MD pack, specially designed for the company’s medium-duty trucks and school buses.

“At Lion, our commitment to pushing innovation to new heights is exemplified by the development of our state-of-the-art batteries, like the LionBattery HD for heavy-duty trucks. This advancement underscores our dedication to excellence, reliability and safety, solidifying our leadership role in North America’s transportation electrification landscape, as the battery serves as a critical component of the vehicle,” stated Marc Bedard, CEO-Founder of Lion. “With major battery development milestones behind us, we will now focus on optimizing the integration of both the LionBattery MD and HD packs on our vehicles, which should ultimately translate into production efficiency,” Marc further emphasized.

The LionBattery HD and MD packs are manufactured at Lion’s state-of-the-art battery production facility. Today, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 1.7 gigawatt hours, the plant is capable of powering 5,000 of Lion’s commercial vehicles per year.

SOURCE: Lion Electric

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