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Lime, Hight Logistics And Forum Mobility Partner for Zero-Emissions EV Shipping


Lime, the leading provider of shared light electric vehicles globally, along with Hight Logistics and Forum Mobility, has unveiled a

Lime, the leading provider of shared light electric vehicles globally, along with Hight Logistics and Forum Mobility, has unveiled a new agreement facilitating emissions-free port-to-hub transportation for all Lime freight entering North America via the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Forum Mobility, a leading zero-emission electric truck charging provider, is providing the electric trucks and charging to Hight Logistics, a family-owned drayage provider in Long Beach, CA. In 2023, nearly 50% of all of Lime’s new vehicles and parts globally arrived through Los Angeles ports now covered under the agreement. Lime anticipates the agreement will shift more than 300 port-to-hub shipments to electric, zero-emission trucks annually.

As part of the announcement, Lime is also among the first companies to share its commitment to the World Economic Forum’s Mission Possible Partnership commitment to zero-emission international shipping. Under Lime’s new commitment, 10 percent of the volume of its goods shipped internationally will be on ships using zero-emission fuels by 2030, on the way to 100 percent of shipments by 2040. Lime hopes that as owners of global cargo it can be among a collection of forward-minded businesses driving the investment and innovation to decarbonize the entire logistics sector.

“We’re thrilled to play a leading part in the EV freight transition through this exciting partnership with Hight Logistics and Forum Mobility,” said Andrew Savage, VP for Sustainability at Lime. “EV shipping needs demand signals to really get moving, and given our ambitious climate goals, Lime is happy to provide them. Businesses need to prioritize zero-emission hauling and take their Scope 3 emissions seriously, regardless of the new SEC rule that omitted reporting on these massive emissions. We believe firmly in a carbon-free future and we’re taking these important steps to decarbonize our shipping logistics on our path to achieving our ambitious net zero carbon goals.” 

In the last two years, Lime utilized more than 700 truckloads of freight through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as it scaled its business and updated its e-scooter and e-bike fleet across North America. As part of the partnership, future shipments will be completed via zero-emissions vehicles. This deal is Lime’s first for zero-emission drayage. It will continue to explore similar agreements globally, in particular with its European shipping hub.

The deal aligns with Lime’s efforts to decarbonize its business, and its 2030 net zero target, validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative, the top organization for corporate carbon target setting. Lime continues to make strides toward decarbonizing across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, already achieving a 37% carbon reduction from its 2019 baseline. Lime anticipates a significant further reduction for 2023 and is expected to report on those emissions reductions mid-year.

Lime chose Hight Logistics for its commitment to sustainable freight, competitive pricing and demonstrated ability to provide high-quality drayage services.

“We believe in doing the right thing – and zero-emission trucking is the future in California. Since we made the decision to invest in electric trucks, we’ve had cargo owners seek us out specifically, wanting to lower their climate impact. Hight Logistics is proud to be able to deliver the goods without the emissions,” said Rudy Diaz, CEO of Hight Logistics. “For all cargo owners, if you are looking to decarbonize your supply chain, lower Scope 3 emissions, lower your WAIRE points, or meet climate commitments, our electric truck fleet is ready and growing,” Mr. Diaz added.

Zero-emission heavy duty freight is a relatively new but fast growing sector. Rules passed by the California Air Resources Board in April of 2023 require a gradual shift to zero-emission trucks throughout the state. By 2035, the entire drayage fleet, currently consisting of 33,000 class 8 trucks, must be zero emission.

Forum Mobility is developing a network of charging depots in and around ports and on routes to common freight destinations. Forum’s staffed and secure depots offer charging, or charging plus a truck together, for a monthly fee — providing one-stop electric truck solutions to independent owner operators and large carriers alike.

“Zero-emission freight is a generational change, and Hight and Lime are setting the bar for leadership through action. Forum Mobility’s mission is to ensure that everyone has the ability to benefit from going zero emission. Forum’s principals have decades of experience building electric infrastructure — we take on the challenges, costs, and operations of infrastructure so truckers and carriers of all sizes can focus on their business and their customers. Hight and Lime are driving the future, and we’re proud to support their journey,” said Matt LeDucq, CEO and co-founder of Forum Mobility.


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