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Lilium and UrbanV to Develop Advanced Air Mobility Infrastructure

Advanced Air Mobility Infrastructure

Partnership will support electrification of premium tourist routes in the regions with vertiport infrastructure for Lilium aircraft and customers

Electric mobility is taking shape in Italy and the French Riviera. Lilium, and UrbanV, a leader in vertiport design and management, have announced their partnership for the development of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) infrastructure. The companies’ partnership to develop vertiport infrastructure will enable eVTOL networks for Lilium aircraft and customers with an initial focus on Italy and the French Riviera, where UrbanV will launch its operations, with potential for further markets in the future. 

UrbanV brings efficient and sustainable advanced air mobility to urban centers with its extensive design and infrastructure expertise for the development of vertiports. Lilium will benefit from their strong foothold and key airport access in Rome, Venice, Bologna, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, and surrounding areas. The initial focus will be on creating the infrastructure to enable the first sustainable eVTOL routes.  

Vertiports – take-off and landing areas for eVTOL aircraft the size of a helipad – are a key component in realizing the enormous potential of the Lilium Jet. Vertiports provide access to sustainable, high-speed, and affordable services to connect communities. Lilium and UrbanV’s partnership will facilitate the movement of people more rapidly and efficiently while being instrumental in delivering some of the first premium eVTOL flights within Europe. 

Sebastien Borel, CCO of Lilium said: “As we continue to collaborate with key partners globally, with strong expertise and experience in key markets, our partnership with UrbanV helps to reimagine regional air transport infrastructure. With extensive experience and entrepreneurship in developing the correct infrastructure for eVTOL flight, UrbanV brings a wealth of talent and strong technical expertise to make our ambition to deliver sustainable regional air travel a reality.”    

Ivan Bassato, Chairman of UrbanV said: “At UrbanV, we aim to improve people’s lives by enabling a fast, efficient, safe, and clean alternative to existing transport solutions. With our vertiport networks, we are building a technology-agnostic platform for operators to provide new and innovative zero-emission transport services. We see Lilium as one of the leading eVTOL makers in the world and we are excited to partner with them, to ensure that their revolutionary jet can safely land and take off from any of our UrbanV vertiports in Italy, France, and anywhere else in the world.”  

SOURCE: Lilium

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