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Leapmotor Reaches the Milestone of 100,000 Mass-produced EVs

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Leapmotor Reaches the Milestone of 100,000 Mass-produced Vehicles. Thanks for your support, the future can be expected.

Today, Leapmotor‘s 100,000th mass-produced EV rolled off the line. On June 28, 2019, Leapmotor’s first mass-produced vehicle, S01, rolled off the line. It took three years from S01 to C11 (the 100,000th mass-produced vehicle), realizing the leap from 0 to 100,000 in the field of intelligent EV. And it only took half a year to reach 100,000 vehicles from 50,000.

Zhu Jiangming, the Founder and Chairman of Leapmotor, said in a thank-you letter that seven years witnessed Leapmotor’s winning the trust of 100,000 users. In addition to gratitude, Leapmotor will go forward with more friends by adhering “guard against arrogance, and consistency in original aspiration”. We will continue to make breakthroughs and innovation in the core technology field, and focus on the user-centered concept to keep moving with our users, thus delivering the finest smart mobility experience to all consumers.

After seven years of independent full-suite of R&D, the Leapmotor has ushered in a phenomenal development in 2022:

In March, the monthly delivery volume of Leapmotor vehicles exceeded the threshold of 10,000 units for the first time;
In April, launched the first mass-produced model with CTC technology in China – Released the integrated technology of battery chassis of Leapmotor intelligent power CTC;
In May, Leapmotor C01, the electric vehicle equipped with CTC technology without battery pack, launched a pre-sale, and the current order has reached 60000 units; at the same time, the delivery volume reached a new high in May, achieving a year-on-year growth of more than 200% for 14 consecutive months;
In June, the 100,000th mass-produced vehicle was off the production line.

Leapmotor independently controls the core technology. Since 2015, Leapmotor has established a short-term difficult but long-term correct route of full-suite of R&D, striving to build the core competitiveness of technological innovation, which has greatly enhanced Leapmotor’s ability to resist external risks under uncertain factors.

Moreover, in order to cope with the uncertainty of the supply chain, Leapmotor also made a layout in advance, built the mechanism of multi supply enterprises and multi-regional planning, and effectively improved the ability of the supply chain to resist risks.

With the further innovation and improvement of Leapmotor product matrix, Leapmotor will brave winds and waves and continue to deliver the finest smart mobility experience to all consumers.

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