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Kia EV9 SUV Will Move from Concept to Production in 2023


From concept to production version for Europe in 2023. The Kia EV9 is a pioneering SUV concept, all-electric and ready for adventure.

The Concept EV9 showcases Kia’s rationale on the SUV form for the sustainable mobility era. More than just a show car, the Concept EV9 fuses together aesthetics that inspire and are thought-provoking, an interior that redefines the parameters of what the inside space of an SUV should be, and a next-generation all-electric zero-emissions powertrain. It’s a prelude to what’s coming next from Kia as the brand trailblazes the road to sustainable mobility.

“The Kia Concept EV9 is another important marker for us in what has been an incredible journey so far for the new Kia brand. Having made our intentions clear – to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions – we have had to carefully assess how the near- to medium-term future will impact every type of vehicle and model. This includes the SUV,” said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design Center.

“In the Concept EV9, we are showcasing how the SUV of today can evolve to play a fundamental role in the sustainable mobility era. The nucleus of the Concept EV9 is a cutting-edge exterior design, a contemporary and innovative tech-based interior space and an advanced all-electric powertrain. And these are the core principles that will shape our future SUV creations.”

A production version of Concept EV9 is now confirmed for Europe in 2023 and will build on the success that the acclaimed EV6 crossover has achieved since its launch last year.

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