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E-Flex Platform Projects

Karma Automotive Complete E-Flex Platform Projects

Karma have announced the completion of its E-Flex Platform project, a series of highly versatile EREV and BEV rolling chassis systems.

Southern California-based Karma Automotive have announced the completion of its E-Flex Platform Projects. The platforms developed are a series of high flexible extended range electric vehicle (EREV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) rolling chassis systems illustrating Karma’s technical direction and capabilities. The multiple platform configurations are available for vans, trucks, SUV and high-performance vehicles. The E-Flex innovations allow manufacturers to reduce EV development time and cost offering fast-to-market electric vehicle conversions.

Karma began developing its E-Flex Platforms after recognizing a high demand within the electric vehicle market for platforms with increased versatility. Prior to Karma’s E-Flex Platform, the cost required to develop, test, certify and build a new EREV or BEV platform has been prohibitive, requiring several years of development time and as much as a billion-dollar investment for manufacturers. Karma’s versatile E-Flex Platform solutions allow manufacturers faster entry into the electric vehicle market at a substantially reduced development cost, as well as the ability to assist them in integrating E-Flex’s electric platforms to their future products.

Karma developed five E-Flex platforms for the project, each showcasing a different electric vehicle solution with common building blocks. With over 20 different platform configurations available, the E-Flex Platforms can be built with BEV (battery electric vehicle) and EREV (extended range electric vehicle) architecture, various electric motor configurations, Karma’s SiC and IGBT inverters, various battery packs for different ranges and performance requirement, smart e-powertrain management system, zonal electrical/electronic systems, unique suspensions, torque vectoring technology, and more.

Karma E-Flex Platform Projects

Some of Karma’s E-Flex platform applications include an all-electric Level 4 Autonomous Van E-Flex Platform developed in partnership with NVIDIA and WeRide, an All-Wheel Drive Performance EV  with supercar-capable architecture, a Karma EREV E-Flex Van  for last-mile cargo transportation, a Karma “Everyday BEV”  for single motor all-electric transportation of small cargo and a Karma All-Wheel Drive Extended Range EV  for pickup truck and utility vehicle applications.

Karma is also utilizing its E-Flex platform to develop future products and prototypes as well; Karma recently announced plans to build the Revero GTE, a full-BEV version of its Revero GT debuting Spring 2021, on its E-Flex Platform. Additionally, Karma has begun prototype testing of its supercar platform, suitable for both Karma and partners’ high performance vehicles.

“The Karma E-Flex platform lays a firm foundation for Karma’s future products, technologies and partnerships,” says Dr. Lance Zhou, CEO, Karma Automotive. “We are proud of our entire Karma team for contributing their talents to this important milestone; our E-Flex platforms feature proven technology from our Revero GT, and represent years of dedicated Karma testing, validation and research. We look forward to sharing the benefits of our E-Flex Platforms with the world, from our Southern California home.”

Each of Karma’s E-Flex platforms was developed at the Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) in Moreno Valley, Calif. All E-Flex platforms feature various proven Karma technologies depending upon build, including production Revero GT drive motors in multiple configurations, gearbox, suspension, subframes, steering, battery and electrical systems, in addition to production body structure parts. Most components have achieved over a million miles of Karma testing and in-market validation, ensuring Karma’s proven knowledge and award-winning vehicle technology are featured in each platform.

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