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Jaguar Land Rover Chooses Redline Detection’s Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

Battery + Coolant Leak Detector

Redline Detection, announced today that Jaguar Land Rover has mandated the Battery + Coolant Leak Detector for global tool program.

Redline Detection, announced today that Jaguar Land Rover has mandated the Battery + Coolant Leak Detector as an essential tool at all of their global dealer locations in 160 countries. The innovative technology gives 100% assurance that battery enclosures, battery coolant systems, and other EV components are sealed to meet all OEM and battery manufacturer warranty standards.

The BCLD is used during battery maintenance in or out of the vehicle, after battery exchange, after collisions, during preventive maintenance, and after any torsion such as towing or lifting the vehicle. This ensures that EV components are safely sealed against potential water or debris intrusion.

BCLD gives audible and visual progress and precise pass/fail indication when testing is complete, with accurate pressures and timing specific to each battery and vehicle type. OEMs, field service personnel, and battery manufacturers can access data logging and reports remotely. BCLD is also programmable for future battery and model year configurations.

“As the automotive world gathers at Automechanika Frankfurt, we are proud to share that BCLD technology has been made essential by Jaguar Land Rover,” said Redline’s CMO Alex Parker. “JLR is leading the way in the development and implementation of procedures and equipment to service their electric and hybrid model range. We are incredibly proud to collaborate with JLR to design, engineer, and build this essential technology for the next generation of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.” In 2015, Jaguar Land Rover also mandated Redline’s PowerSmoke PRO an essential tool for turbocharged and boosted vehicles.

“Redline is at the forefront of developing advanced technical solutions to meet the needs of the world’s leading OEMs,” said Parker. “The BCLD is a proven EV tool that is being used by global OEMs every day, around the world. No one knows diagnostic leak detection like Redline, and the world’s leading automakers recognize BCLD technology as the new industry standard.”

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