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Ionic Mineral Technologies Unveils Silicon Anode Facility

Ionic Mineral Technologies

Ionic Mineral Technologies (Ionic MT), an innovative U.S manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge nano-silicon battery anode technology, has

Ionic Mineral Technologies (Ionic MT), an innovative U.S.-based manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge nano-silicon battery anode technology, has declared the official inauguration of its state-of-the-art production facility, technical centre, and primary headquarters situated in Provo, Utah. This establishment marks Utah’s leading large-scale production facility committed to advancing nano-silicon battery anodes for electric vehicles (EVs) and lithium-ion battery solutions.

The unveiling of this cutting-edge facility empowers Ionic MT to rapidly expand the production of Ionisil™ nano-silicon—an innovation poised to meet the surging demand for fast-charging, extended-range electric vehicles.

Phased Capacity Expansion Plan:

  • Phase 1: The inaugural phase of expansion is currently underway, with an initial production capacity of 2,000 tons per annum (TPA) scheduled for the second half of 2024.
  • Phase 2: The company will scale up to an additional 3,000 TPA for a total of 5,000 TPA within the same building.
  • Phase 3: Ionic MT is collaborating with a prominent global industrial partner to engineer a turn-key, greenfield production facility with an additional capacity of 20,000 TPA. Announcement of this large-scale expansion effort is imminent.

Ionic MT’s expansion marks a significant leap toward the commercialization of Ionisil, a proprietary nano-silicon technology designed for the next-generation of lithium-ion batteries. Ionisil revolutionizes battery performance by enhancing anode capacity up to eightfold and significantly accelerating charging speeds. This breakthrough product will translate to a strong competitive advantage for domestic battery manufacturers looking to surmount the limited range and slow charging challenges that are hindering consumer EV adoption.

Commissioning is already underway within the 37,000-square-foot facility, poised to initially supply 2,000 tons of Ionisil per year—enough to energize approximately 300,000 EVs per year with aggressive expansion plans to follow. With in-house battery testing and materials development, characterization, and analysis capabilities, Ionic MT is well equipped to exceed stringent performance requirements of battery manufacturers.

“We celebrate Ionic MT’s commitment to building a comprehensive ecosystem for the clean economy, generating high-quality employment opportunities in Provo,” shared Keith Morey, Provo City’s Economic Development Director. “With the inauguration of the Ionisil production facility, Ionic MT is positioning Utah at the center of battery material innovation, offering state-of-the-art, American-made solutions for the rapidly expanding battery market.”

Ionic MT’s Ionisil is a high-purity nano-silicon powder. When incorporated at just 15% partial substitution for graphite, it delivers an impressive 100% increase in anode capacity. Further, Ionisil offers seamless compatibility with existing lithium-ion battery cell production lines, delivering significantly more range and faster charging as a genuine drop-in solution.

Ionic MT employs a patented continuous production process that enables low impact, high-capacity operations. Coupled with advanced chemical recycling techniques, this innovative approach transforms waste into value-added by-products resulting in a substantially reduced carbon footprint over conventional EV battery materials.

At Ionic MT, we’re not just filling in a critical material supply gap; our Ionisil product technology is a material innovation that provides U.S. EV manufacturers with a substantial competitive edge in addressing the requirements of high-performance, rapid-charging EVs at a more cost-effective rate,” emphasized Andre Zeitoun, CEO and Founder of Ionic MT.

The establishment of this production facility comes at a pivotal moment within the electric vehicle transition with mounting concerns over China’s recent decision to tighten exports of battery grade graphite, of which it controls over 90% of supply.

SOURCE: Ionic Mineral Technologies

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