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Instructional Video for HEPA Filter Replacement in Tesla Model S

HEPA Filter

PUREFLOW a leader in breathable air filtration technology, has releases instructional video for HEPA filter replacement in Tesla Model S.

PUREFLOW, a leader in breathable air filtration technology, has released a comprehensive step-by-step instructional video on its YouTube Channel for replacement of the HEPA cabin air filter in 2016-2022 Tesla Model S vehicles.

Tesla is the first and only car maker to introduce a true HEPA cabin filtration system. In the Model S, the HEPA cabin air filter functions as the “primary defense”, or as Tesla refers to it “Bioweapon Defense”, against outside airborne contaminants infiltrating the cabin.

The OE replacement for Tesla’s original cabin filter design is only sold as an expensive complete assembly, frustrating Tesla owners who only need a replacement filter. To address the problem PUREFLOW offers a HEPA cabin air filter that is designed as a direct replacement for the original Tesla filter at a fraction of the cost. The newly released PUREFLOW instructional video demonstrates a simplified replacement process while saving customers money.

PUREFLOW, a division of Premium Guard Inc. (PGI), is focused on advanced breathable air filtration technology for all makes and models of gas powered, hybrid electric (HEV), and electric vehicles (EV). Recognizing that continued growth in EVs will drive rising demand for enhanced breathable air filtration products, PUREFLOW is uniquely positioned as a leader in this key growth market.

PUREFLOW, a trail blazing lifestyle brand in home and automotive filtration, delivers innovative technology that is redefining what clean air means inside your home, office, and car.  In addition to PUREFLOW’s Cabin Air Fresheners for Cars, PUREFLOW’s comprehensive line of filtration products are carefully designed and engineered to improve airflow, while filtering 99% of airborne contaminants and bad odors. PUREFLOW home air conditioning and automotive cabin air filters feature a four-stage filtration process to deliver the highest quality breathable air.

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