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Innovative EV Charging Platform for EV Fleet Charging Efficiency

JuiceBar announce a new strategic partnership with UFODRIVE to deliver an innovative EV charging platform for EV fleet charging efficiency.

Furthering its dedication to sustainability, JuiceBar, the U.S. based leading manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with UFODRIVE, the first all-digital, all-electric car rental company. The partnership is focused on bringing significant benefits and cost savings to the fast-growing electric vehicle fleet performance.

Both JuiceBar and UFODRIVE see a significant opportunity in combining each firms’ strengths to bring UFODRIVE’s software technology with advanced IOT apps to the U.S. fleet industry. The alliance is also working on pilot programs across Europe using JuiceBar’s hardware to provide high quality charging experiences to UFODRIVE’s rental and mobility SaaS customers.

The electric car revolution is accelerating, and fleets need an electric operating system that manages electricity flow, reduces costs, and achieves sustainability goals. UFODRIVE, together with JuiceBar, have developed and proven a pioneering solution to address this need. The future for fleets is contactless, shared, and electric – providing a seamless experience to customers while reducing overall fleet costs is the vision for the new UFODRIVE JuiceBar partnership. UFODRIVE’s eMobility platform allows ground transportation businesses to manage their entire e-fleet remotely and efficiently. UFODRIVE offers a complete end to end electric mobility solution that will provide a seamless transition to EVs for fleet owner operators with benefits such as reduced electricity costs, lower insurance costs, and the ability to achieve sustainability goals. UFODRIVE’s SaaS based solution provides key capabilities such as advanced analytics including driver behavior tracking, personalized CO2 carbon savings tracking, carbon offset reporting and integrated payments. The UFODRIVE app also offers a smart reservation platform for fleets.

JuiceBar’s flagship Gen 3 chargers are designed to accommodate the demands of fleet owners. JuiceBar’s unique open protocol smart network offers real time connectivity to UFODRIVE’s eMobility platform with complete capabilities. As the most powerful Level 2 EV chargers on the market, the Gen 3 series with 32-, 40-, 48- and 80-amp power levels eliminate installation and maintenance worries for fleets, are better quality charging stations and offer a more reliable and flexible infrastructure for fleets. 

“Through UFODRIVE’s sophisticated software and machine learning, fleet operators will have better control over costs, sustainability tracking, and driver behavior with advanced analytics with JuiceBar chargers,” said Paul Vosper, CEO and President of JuiceBar. “We are thrilled to partner with UFODRIVE, the leading all electric company to offer this transformational solution for fleets in the U.S.  

“Our decision to work with JuiceBar grew out of a recognition that fleet operators need to get ahead of the curve and provide all EV solutions,” said Aidan McClean, CEO UFODRIVE. “Working with JuiceBar, an industry recognized EV charging specialist, we can offer U.S. based fleets customized software that will reduce electricity costs and provide real time dynamic charging.”

To find out more about the innovative EV charging platform for EV fleet charging please see www.ufodrive.com

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