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Ideanomics Launche Product Design Studio to Create New Generation of High-Performance Electric Mobility and Charging Solutions

Product Design Studio

Ideanomics, is strengthening its position as a leading commercial EV and charging OEM by establishing in-house design capabilities.

Ideanomics, is strengthening its position as a leading commercial electric vehicle and charging OEM by establishing in-house design capabilities. Ideanomics Design will shape the future of commercial EV solutions industrywide and strengthen Ideanomics’ balance sheet by embedding a more cost-effective, efficient, and standardized design process across the organization. 

“Ideanomics Design is our soul. We now have a team of remarkable people with strong automotive and industrial design experience who, for the first time, have brought to life Ideanomics’ vision of an all-electric future,” said Alf Poor, Ideanomics CEO. “Our design philosophy is about customizable, modular and multi-use solutions. For example, let’s transform bus stops into hubs where people can park and charge their Energica bikes and then hop on an electric bus operating on VIA’s BEV skateboard technology powered by WAVE wireless charging. That central hub can also use our advanced containerized charging technology to generate and store energy and help power a city.” 

Ideanomics recently introduced its three verticals of Mobility, Energy and Capital, each accountable for managing the operational performance of the company’s vehicle and charging brands. Ideanomics Design is a change catalyst and integrator, working across verticals and brands to spur creative thinking as well as simplify and standardize the product design process.

For example, Ideanomics Design is developing the physical branding and styling in collaboration with Energica and Solectrac on the design of Solectrac’s new range of tractors. Essentially, combining the technology from the world’s best electric motorcycle with the styling created by Ideanomics Design to make the new generation of Solectrac electric tractors even better. Ideanomics expects three new tractors to be introduced to the market in 2023 – all created under Ideanomics’ new design philosophy.

“During every step of the design process, we are putting the customers’ needs first,” says Carlos Arroyo, chief designer at Ideanomics. “My team is committed to bringing the needs and wants of each customer into the design process and combining Ideanomics’ brands, technology and engineering expertise to create elegant product offerings that provide the absolute best customer experience possible and inspire the digital generation.” 

Ideanomics Design is also introducing an innovative, modular design approach to increase efficiency and flexibility across different product categories. This will revolutionize the customer experience, enabling Ideanomics to deliver low-cost, automated manufacturing that allows customers to track and customize their products while they are being built. While primarily focused on in-house work, Ideanomics Design will also generate revenue by providing consulting services to third parties. 

Ideanomics is solving the complexity of fleet electrification by bringing together high-performance electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and financing solutions under one roof. Through its three verticals, Mobility, Energy and Capital, the company provides turnkey commercial electrification solutions for customers, no matter where they are on their electrification journey.

IMAGE SOURCE: This image is a graphical rendering produced by Ideanomics Design for Solectrac. Ideanomics owns all rights to this image. Any use of or modification to this image without approval by Ideanomics is prohibited.

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