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HYVIA and HYPE Announce Partnership for Hydrogen Mobility


HYVIA and HYPE, an independent leader in zero-emission mobility and a pioneer in hydrogen taxis, have announced a

HYVIA and HYPE, an independent leader in zero-emission mobility and a pioneer in hydrogen taxis, have announced a partnership to accelerate decarbonized hydrogen mobility. This collaboration is underpinned by a shared vision that decarbonized hydrogen mobility is essential for a successful energy transition and addressing climate change and public health challenges. The partnership aims to rapidly develop relevant uses of decarbonized hydrogen mobility while securing volume increases to lower costs.

This partnership covers the entire ecosystem of H2 mobility, including the supply of decarbonized hydrogen, H2 refueling stations, and hydrogen vehicles. HYVIA’s 1 MW electrolyzer at its Flins plant will supply HYPE’s Paris region refueling station network with decarbonized hydrogen.

Through its leasing offers, HYVIA will enable HYPE to deploy two H2 refueling stations by the end of 2024, including a HYWELL® station co-developed with Atawey and supported by the Maurin group at the RENAULT Corbeil-Essonnes dealership, contributing to the growth of the H2 refueling stations network in the Paris region. The first of these stations will go into service in the summer of 2024 at the HYPE site in Buc, developed in partnership with B.E. Green, the French specialist in zero-emission buses and coaches.

For its intensive operations, HYPE will use a new L2H2 architecture, high-capacity Renault Master H2-TECH van supplied by HYVIA. At least nine additional vehicles will be delivered during 2024 to HYVIA’s customers around HYPE stations. These H2 vans will be financed by HYVIA and will be part of the Last Mile program by HYPE, supported by the Ile-de-France Region, ADEME, and the European Connecting Europe Facility, benefiting from subsidies for hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

This partnership is enabled by the complementary solutions offered by the two partners: HYVIA’s unique and comprehensive ecosystem and financing solution for deploying decarbonized hydrogen mobility projects, and HYPE’s integrated zero-emission platform, including a fleet and booking application for zero-emission taxis, green hydrogen distribution stations, and the Last Mile program.

Supply of decarbonized hydrogen, hydrogen stations and vans, financing solution: we are accelerating the deployment of hydrogen mobility thanks to this strategic partnership with HYPE, a major player in the H2 sector, zero-emission solutions and hydrogen taxis. Building on our complementarity and our pioneering commitments, together we are deploying hydrogen ecosystems enabling the decarbonization of intensive usages, for a necessary energy transition. »

Nicolas Champetier, CEO HYVIA

“We are very pleased with this partnership, which will enable us to continue to accelerate our deployment in the relevant uses of decarbonized hydrogen mobility. HYVIA, the result of an alliance between the world’s leading US pure player in low-carbon hydrogen, Plug, and the French carmaker Renault Group, a historic pioneer in 100% electric vehicles, symbolizes the right approach to responding effectively to the climate emergency. We see its electric vehicles, which combine the advantages of a reasonably sized rechargeable battery and a hydrogen system, as the most appropriate technological platform for a rational and pragmatic transition to zero-emission mobility. HYVIA has also innovated with its financing solution, which meets the needs of its customers and accelerates and secures the deployment of H2 ecosystems.”

Mathieu Gardies, Founder and Chief Executive Officer HYPE

SOURCE: Renault Group

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