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Hyundai Glovis Builds Fire Response System for EVs

Fire Response System for EVs

Hyundai Glovis builds fire response system for EVs on board in preparation for fires that may occur during sea transportation.

Hyundai Glovis announced on the 30th that it has strengthened a customized response system on board in preparation for fires that may occur during sea transportation of completed vehicles.

Hyundai Glovis will sequentially place special equipment for extinguishing fires in vehicles such as “fire cover” and “water mist lance” on operating car carriers.

The fire cover is a device that covers a specially coated cloth on a burned vehicle to prevent oxygen inflow, turning off the fire and blocking heat and smoke.

Above all, the fire cover is effective in preventing the fire from being transferred to the next vehicle if it is covered by the ignition vehicle even if the vehicles on board are densely loaded.

Water mist lance with metal frame is fire extinguishing equipment consisting of pipes and nozzles that can directly spray water on areas where a fire broke out by penetrating enclosed spaces such as iron doors and concrete interior. It is expected to be effective in controlling fires by inserting a long tube of more than 1 meter into the car and spraying water close to the bottom of the car.

Hyundai Glovis is taking various measures to prevent fires in car carriers.

CCTV is installed on each deck of the cargo bay to check the condition of the loaded vehicle from time to time, and an on-board heat and smoke detector is installed to recognize the risk of fire in the early stages.

In addition, a manual for preventing accidents and responding to emergency situations was prepared, requiring response training at least twice a year.

Hyundai Glovis is targeting the completed vehicle maritime transport market with fast and accurate services based on 90 ships and 80 global networks.

Last year, it transported about 250,000 electric vehicles and recorded the world’s top-ranked share, accounting for about 45% of the global electric vehicle sea freight.

Hyundai Glovis plans to increase vehicle transportation performance by providing high-quality services through the customized fire response system to global completed vehicle production shippers.

An official from Hyundai Glovis said, “We have established a system to understand the changing trend of the automobile industry and to preemptively meet the needs of shippers. We will continue to lead the global market by introducing differentiated capabilities.”

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