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Toyota’s Crown to use Newly Developed 1-motor Hybrid Transmission

1-motor Hybrid Transmission

BluE Nexus, AISIN, and DENSO today announced that they have jointly developed a new 1-motor hybrid transmission.

BluE Nexus, AISIN, and DENSO today announced that they have jointly developed a new 1-motor hybrid transmission. This product is used for Toyota’s new Crown CROSSOVER RS, which will be released around the fall of this year.

The 1-motor hybrid transmission developed by the three companies integrates the newly designed Direct Shift-6AT with a driving motor and an inverter. It is characterized by high acceleration performance and contributes to increasing fuel efficiency. In combination with the eAxle mounted at the rear of the vehicle, the 1-motor hybrid transmission achieves driving performance suitable for the premium vehicle by taking full advantage of the 2.4 L turbo engine, contributing to enhancing the attractiveness of Toyota’s new Crown.

Key points of the development of this product 

  • Realization of direct response during driving and a high-quality driving feel
    The quick response to start the vehicle moving forward has been attained by using a newly developed highly heat-resistant starting clutch and achieving advanced control. The high-torque assist effect is demonstrated due to a newly designed driving motor combined with the Direct Shift-6AT, realizing direct response and torqueful driving.

The clutches for starting the vehicle moving forward and disengaging the engine are subject to coordinated control so that the engine can be started and stopped smoothly and quietly when starting the vehicle moving forward and in all situations during driving.

The product achieves both direct response and smoothness and contributes to realizing the high-quality ride suitable for the premium vehicle by combining the latest technologies with world-class automatic transmission gear shift technology, which has been refined over many years.

  • Improvement of vehicle mountability through downsizing technology and the electromechanical integration structure
    The driving motor has been significantly downsized by reducing the stator shaft length, which has been achieved by newly developed production technologies, including the coil expansion assembly, as well as by cooling of the coil and optimization of the magnet layout. The large-diameter flat motor has enabled the placement of two clutches inside the motor rotor, making it possible to curb the increase in the overall length of the product. The vehicle mountability has also been improved by using the electromechanical integration structure, in which an inverter is mounted right above the transmission.

BluE Nexus, AISIN, and DENSO will continue to develop compact, highly efficient, and low-cost products by mobilizing their strengths and know-how. The three companies will also contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society by installing their products in electric vehicles of every description through BluE Nexus.

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