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Honda to Unveil Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck at ACT Expo

Honda Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck

Honda will unveil a Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo on May 20. This marks the

Honda will unveil a Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo on May 20. This marks the beginning of a new demonstration project focused on the future production of fuel cell-powered products for the North American market. As Honda expands its hydrogen business, the company is pursuing new business partnerships to meet its global objective of achieving zero environmental impact, including carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050. You can watch an overview of the Honda Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept at https://honda.us/Class8FuelCellTruck.

 “Commercial vehicles, including Class 8 trucks, where fuel cells offer the best zero-emission replacement for existing diesel applications, are a key part of Honda’s broad hydrogen business strategy,” said Ryan Harty, assistant vice president, sustainability & business development, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Honda is actively seeking business collaborations and customers to help bring these hydrogen fuel cell solutions to market here in North America.”

The operational Honda Class 8 truck concept is powered by three new Honda fuel cell (FC) systems, now in mass production at Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC (FCSM), a joint venture production facility with General Motors (GM) in Brownstown, Michigan. The new FC system is key to the Honda hydrogen business strategy. Co-developed by Honda and GM over the last decade, the Honda FC system advances performance and doubles durability while reducing cost by two-thirds compared to the previous generation1 system.

Honda has identified four core domains for the initial utilization of its new fuel cell system: fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), commercial fuel cell vehicles, stationary power stations and construction machinery. 

In addition to the Honda display at ACT Expo, Harty will provide the keynote presentation at the expo’s Ultra Clean Heavy-Vehicle Vehicle Summit on May 22 to provide further details about Honda hydrogen plans.

Honda ACT Expo Display Items
 Honda will showcase the following zero-emission products and technologies at its ACT Expo display booth (#1031):

  • Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept to make global debut at ACT Expo.
  • 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV, the first production plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle in America.
  • Honda Fuel Cell System at the core of Honda’s strategy to expand the range of applications that use hydrogen toward the decarbonization of society.
  • Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV), a prototype, all-electric off-road vehicle designed to enhance worksite efficiencies and support repetitive tasks.

Companies interested in collaboration and partnership with Honda hydrogen business may contact [email protected].

Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Concept Specifications
Total length/width/height8,000 mm / 2,400 mm / 4,000mm
GCWGCW : 37,273kg
(Tractor Weight Target : 12,918kg,
Load Weight Target : 24,355kg ) 
Top Speed70 mph (Estimated)
Driving range400 miles at GCW (Estimated)
Fuel Cell System Output240kW combined  (80kW x 3 FC systems)
Hydrogen TankHigh pressure 700bar Hydrogen Tank 82kg-H2
Vehicle Battery120kWh High Voltage Battery


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