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Honda Equips its New All-Electric SUV Model with the Integrated Axle Drive from Vitesco Technologies

integrated axle drive

Honda is equipping its new all-electric SUV model with the integrated axle drive from Vitesco Technologies.

Vitesco Technologies, is delivering its integrated axle drive EMR3 (3rd generation, Electronics Motor Reducer) to Honda for its new B-segment all-electric SUV. In Europe this vehicle, based on Honda’s new e:N Architecture F, will be marketed under the name e:Ny1. 

The E-drive is a 3-in1-unit integrating power electronics, electric motor, and reducer. It is the third generation of Vitesco Technologies’ integrated axle drives and has proven a big market success for the company.

It is an honor for us to deliver our successful electric axle drive to Honda for its new e:Ny1 model. We also see this business as a confirmation of our global strategy with well-established manufacturing and R&D sites in core world markets.

Thomas Stierle, member of the Executive Board and division head of Vitesco Technologies’ Electrification Solutions

Despite its compact dimensions and its low weight of only 76 kg, the axle drives for Honda achieves a peak output of 150 kW, and 310 Nm of torque. This specification allows e:Ny1 to reach a limited top speed of 160 km/h. The Japanese car maker refers to the drive unit as a “3-in-1 drive unit”. 

The European model e:Ny1 will be available in the market from October 2023 onwards.

Power and efficiency from a compact unit 

Honda uses the electric axle drive for its new e:N Architecture F, which is a front-axle drive platform. The new model e:Ny1 is a 4-door B-segment EV SUV with a maximum range of 412 km (under WLTP test conditions). 

The performance features have made the axle drive a very successful product for Vitesco Technologies. As of June 2023, more than three quarters of a million units have already been manufactured since 2019. So far, the EMR3 was chosen for 8 vehicle brands and demand continues to be strong.

SOURCE: Vitesco Technologies

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