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Xpeng Motors reveals high-performance electric drive system for P7 sedan

Xpeng P7’s compact, light-weight and highly efficient 3-in-1 electric drive system

Xpeng Motors today revealed details of the electric drive system for its upcoming P7 sedan. The P7’s compact, light-weight and highly efficient.

The P7’s E-motor, transmission and control system are seamlessly integrated to form a high-performance three-in-one electric drive system – a layout that is more compact and lighter, providing higher efficiency and stronger reliability. The P7’s electric drive system boasts a power density of 1.96kW / kg, at the top of the industry range, with low volume of only 18.6L, while NEDC efficiency can reach 85.5%.

“Using in-house R&D to optimize product efficiency and customer experience has always been the core of our philosophy. We are very proud that the P7’s design benefited from this approach, setting new performance benchmarks,” said Jack Xu, Vice President of Xpeng Motors.

At the core of the electric drive system, the Xpeng P7 is equipped with a rear-drive permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum power of 196kW and a peak torque of 390Nm. The 4-wheel-drive high-performance version has overall power of 316kW and a torque of 660Nm, with the front motor providing maximum power of 120kW and peak torque of 265Nm, giving just 4.3s from 0 to 100km / h.

The P7 also has an outstanding power overload capability. Its 3-in-1 electric drive system is the world’s first to be equipped with the German Infineon 950 IGBT module, able to deliver current output of 580A to the motor for continuous 40s. It uses real-time temperature assessment to effectively manage the core junction temperature of the IPU, coupled with China’s first external water cooling system.

The Xpeng P7’s configurations enable it to perform 30 consecutive sprints of 0-100km/h with high acceleration, and can continuously output peak-power from 60km/h to top speed, offering an outstanding driving experience.

Compared with the traditional 4-wheel drive system, the P7’s dual-motor 4-wheel drive can intelligently control the torque of both the front and rear wheels separately. The torque ratio is seamlessly distributed across the entire range of 0-100%.

The Xpeng P7 is equipped with the latest generation of the world’s leading prismatic battery pack, with pack capacity of 80.87kWh and an energy density of more than 160Wh/kg, achieving NEDC driving range of 550+ km (4WD high-performance version) to 650+ km (RW super-power version). The battery pack has a superior performance in fast charge conditions as well as low temperature environment. It can be charged from 30% to 80% in 28 minutes, and can achieve a NEDC range of nearly 120km in 10 minutes, with sufficient charging capacity in winter conditions.

Highly integrated, with its height reduced to 110mm (lower than the industry norm of 140mm) the battery pack is essential to the vehicle’s energy density, safety and sporty styling. Its dust-tight and waterproof performance meets the highest IP68 standard, ensuring 48 hours of dust and water resistance under 1 meter of water. Advanced battery thermal management technology is applied to ensure normal operation in the range of -30 ~ 55 ℃ .

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