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Hexagon Purus Selected by New Flyer for Hydrogen Bus Market

Hydrogen Bus

Hexagon Purus, a global leader in zero-emission mobility and infrastructure solutions, has been chosen once again as the provider of hydrogen

Hexagon Purus, a global leader in zero-emission mobility and infrastructure solutions, has been chosen once again as the provider of hydrogen cylinders for the fourth consecutive year by New Flyer, a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), a prominent worldwide manufacturer of bus and coach solutions, committed to driving zero-emission transportation. New Flyer proudly supplies low- and zero-emission heavy-duty transit buses to clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Hexagon Purus will continue to provide its Type 4 hydrogen storage cylinders for New Flyer’s next generation, zero emission hydrogen fuel cell electric transit bus, the Xcelsior CHARGE FC™, which enables a driving range of 370+ miles/600 km on a single refueling. The total value of this contract is estimated to be approximately USD 4 million.  

Production of the Type 4, Buy America compliant hydrogen storage cylinders will be out of Hexagon Purus’ facility in Westminster, Maryland (U.S.). Since 2020, Hexagon Purus has proudly delivered hydrogen cylinders for well over 100 New Flyer hydrogen fuel cell electric transit buses.

Driving Energy Transformation

“New Flyer is leading the transition to zero-emission mobility in North American cities with clean, and sustainable mobility solutions that enable reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Hexagon Purus has been a long-term partner, and we are pleased to continue working with them to offer the most innovative and advanced hydrogen fuel cell-electric buses in Canada and the United States”, said David White, Executive Vice President, Supply Management, NFI.

“Transport accounts for around 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and hydrogen can play an important role in cleaning up this sector. We are proud to be part of New Flyer’s effort in decarbonizing transit bus operations in North America”, says Michael Kleschinski, EVP Hydrogen Mobility & Infrastructure. “We have delivered hydrogen cylinders for New Flyer transit buses for four years, and each year our contract size has grown, highlighting our strong relationship with the customer. We have a strong market position now with both US and European bus OEMs”, he continues.


The cylinders will be delivered throughout 2024.

About the market

The mobility sector is accountable for approximately 20% of annual carbon emissions globally, and hydrogen has a significant role to play in reducing these emissions, particularly in “hard to abate” sectors. Making green hydrogen available for use in amongst other the mobility sector is critical to reduce carbon emissions.

As hydrogen, a key contributor to the energy transition, continues to build momentum globally, more than 30 countries have released hydrogen roadmaps. According to the Hydrogen Council, the number of announced hydrogen projects grew in 2023 by about 35% to over 1,400, equaling USD 570 billion investments. Green hydrogen is projected to supply up to 25% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.

SOURCE: Hexagon

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