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Hexagon and JSOL Partner to Accelerate EV Powertrain Design


Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and JSOL Corporation have formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the virtual prototyping of

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence division and JSOL Corporation have formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the virtual prototyping of electrified powertrains using multi-physics simulation. This collaboration extends a longstanding technical alliance, providing global customers with precise and highly efficient virtual prototyping for intricate electro-mechanical systems.

The rapid electrification of many industries, including automotive and aerospace transport, requires simulation technologies that enable cross-functional teams to understand the implications of component-level design choices on system-level integrity. Reliable prediction of their durability, efficiency, thermal management or noise and vibration requires a comprehensive simulation solution that can capture multi-physics effects at the component, subsystem, and system-level. The new strategic partnership will enable customers to combine Hexagon’s extensive engineering simulation software suite with JSOL Corporation’s JMAG electromagnetic field analysis software to solve a full spectrum of system design problems in the virtual world more quickly, thoroughly, and cost effectively than physical prototyping allows.

Mahesh Kailasam, general manager of design and engineering at Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, said: “As the move towards electrification accelerates, new challenges need to be addressed to improve vehicle performance characteristics, from the component to system level. For example, improvements to noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance now require simulation solutions to provide answers at much higher frequency ranges. Our partnership with JSOL solidifies our commitment to serve our existing and new customers in this rapidly evolving market.”

Takashi Yamada, chief technology officer at JMAG Business Company, said, “We are excited to work with Hexagon in this electrification journey. This partnership will now allow us to expedite electric vehicle NVH solution development between JMAG and Hexagon’s flagship products MSC Nastran and Adams, along with Romax and Actran.” 

To stay ahead in the market, electromagnetic powertrains need to be very efficient and light, using new designs, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Hexagon and JSOL offer digital platforms and virtual environments for engineers to develop advanced electric powertrain technologies.

The partnership will advance several key areas to enhance their product design strategies for electric vehicles and enable more efficient and harmonious product development. A primary focus is to address NVH, enabling engineers to improve product comfort and reduce noise through innovative simulation-based design adjustments. Furthermore, by developing advanced simulations, the new solutions will inform robust and durable designs and make refinements to finalise products within space constraints. Another significant focus for the two companies is helping customers tackle the complexities of modern electro-mechanical machines, controls, and gearboxes with integrated solutions that foster collaboration between engineers from different disciplines.

Powersys, a global provider of design and engineering solutions for electrical vehicles and grid applications, will apply its expertise to help customers accelerate the implementation of these solutions. Olivier Toury, founder and president, Powersys, commented: “We are excited to build on our work with JMAG to offer our customers eNVH and virtual prototyping solutions with Hexagon’s portfolio. Using trusted simulations from Romax, Adams, Actran, or MSC Nastran with JMAG is helping customers make real progress towards zero prototyping for electric vehicles and we are getting busy with U.S. customers already.”

Hexagon provides extensive NVH computer-aided engineering (CAE) support from concept to final system validation and review through its Elements software for system modelling, Romax powertrain simulation, Actran acoustic simulation, Cradle CFD (computational fluid dynamics) air-structure simulation, ODYSEE AI (artificial intelligence) and optimisation platform, and physical simulation partnership with VI-GRADE.

SOURCE: Hexagon

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