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GRIDSERVE and Moto open their first High Power Electric Super Hub in Yorkshire

High Power Electric Super Hub

GRIDSERVE and Moto have today launched their seventh Electric Super Hub this year at Moto Wetherby on the A1(M) at junction 46.

GRIDSERVE and Moto have today launched their seventh Electric Super Hub this year at Moto Wetherby on the A1(M) at junction 46. The charging facilities have 12 x High Power Chargers making it the largest public High Power Charging facility in Yorkshire, serving EV drivers in the county as well as those travelling on the A1(M) for a summer getaway. Moto Wetherby takes the total number of Electric Super Hubs to eight across the country including Rugby, Burton-in-Kendal, Exeter, Thurrock, Heston West, Severn View, and Swansea.

To maximise accessibility, GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs have been designed to feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, accept contactless payment and provide real-time status updates to a myriad of popular EV charging maps. The new facility has 12 x High Power Chargers, two of which have accessible bays. All 12 units have the most popular CCS connectors and six also have CHAdeMO connectors, to ensure all available DC charging is covered. Aligned with GRIDSERVE’s purpose to move the needle on climate change, the chargers are also supplied by 100% net zero carbon energy. 

This latest Electric Super Hub brings the total of new High Power EV charging points launched by Moto and GRIDSERVE to 77 across eight locations, in addition to more than a hundred Medium Power Chargers GRIDSERVE upgraded at all at Moto sites in the last 12 months. GRIDSERVE and its partners at Moto are committed to levelling up EV charging infrastructure across the UK, ensuring that drivers in every part of the country have access to dependable, sustainable and super-fast EV charging – whether local to their home or on the motorway network to support long distance journeys.

Along with GRIDSERVE’s world-leading Electric Forecourts® in Norwich and Braintree, this latest Electric Super Hub cements the commitment to expanding the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway – a UK-wide EV Charging network transformed by GRIDSERVE since acquiring it a year ago.

 We are committed to building an awesome UK-wide charging network, enabling anyone, anywhere, in any type of EV to take on any journey and have a great customer experience, and with the opening of Moto Wetherby, we are able to deliver more people in the North of England this experience. GRIDSERVE Electric Super Hubs help provide EV drivers the confidence they need to undertake any journey, irrespective of what electric vehicle they drive, and charge quickly, reliably and affordably. As the seventh Electric Super Hub launched so far this year, this further demonstrates our commitment to the partnership with Moto and we will continue to deliver many more GRIDSERVE High Power Electric Super Hubs throughout the year. This is the sort of action that is necessary to move the needle on climate change, and it’s great to see how the passion and the pace of development within GRIDSERVE is delivering such a positive impact.

Toddington Harper – CEO of GRIDSERVE

As the largest UK Motorway Services Operator, we are continuing our mission to transform the UK’s rest stop experience and reducing range anxiety by revolutionising the EV charging experience for motorists on motorways is at the heart of our plans. We are delighted to continue our roll-out of the Ultra-Rapid Charging Hubs and we will be opening more hubs at all of our Motorway Service Areas across the country in the coming 12 months.

Ken McMeikanMOTO Chief Executive

Along with the new 12 High Power Chargers, the Moto Wetherby site retains three Medium Power Chargers with CCS, CHAdeMO and AC connectors, which brings the total number of charging units at the location to 15.

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