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GreenPower Announces Record School Bus Deliveries

School Bus

as well as the school bus segment, disclosed a significant surge in the delivery of its all-electric school buses

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. (“GreenPower”), a prominent producer and supplier of custom-made, electric, eco-friendly medium and heavy-duty vehicles for cargo and delivery services, shuttle and transit operations, as well as the school bus segment, disclosed a significant surge in the delivery of its all-electric school buses for the second quarter of fiscal 2024.

“During the quarter, GreenPower focused on increased production, sales and deliveries of its all-electric, purpose-built school bus products,” said Fraser Atkinson, CEO of GreenPower. “Manufacturing of the Type A Nano BEAST is underway at the South Charleston facility and the West Virginia production team also made preparations for the start of Type D BEAST production which will begin this fall.”

GreenPower delivered a record 16 purpose-built school buses in the second quarter of fiscal 2024 which ended September 30, 2023. Of that total, 13 were BEAST school buses and three were the award-winning Nano BEAST school buses.

“In addition to production and deliveries, GreenPower concentrated on future sales from coast-to-coast,” added Michael Perez, GreenPower’s Vice President of School Bus, Contracts and Grants. “We worked with our dealer network across the country to ensure compliance with differing state school bus specifications. We helped school districts nationwide apply for the second round of the EPA Clean School Bus Program. And we helped schools with planning and development of their charging infrastructure so that they are ready for deployment once they take delivery of their new all-electric GreenPower school buses.”

Perez referenced an increasing number of states that are either mandating the switch to all-electric school buses, providing funds and incentives to change, or both. California is the most recent state to join Connecticut, Maine, Maryland and New York in mandating the purchase of zero-emission school buses when Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation providing funding of up to $5 billion to complete the state’s transition to zero-emission school buses by 2035.

The California HVIP program has also extended the date for submissions for the set-aside funding of $285,000 for a Type A eligible school bus without a wheelchair lift and $310,000 with a wheelchair lift and $370,000 for a Type D eligible school bus without a wheelchair lift and $395,000 with a wheelchair lift. Model 1 Commercial Vehicles (formerly Creative Bus Sales) is GreenPower’s exclusive dealer for its Type A Nano BEAST and Type D BEAST school buses in California.

In addition to school bus deliveries, GreenPower also delivered 14 commercial vehicles consisting of 12 EV Star passenger vehicles, an EV Star Cargo and an EV Star specialty vehicle. While there were no deliveries of EV Star Cab and Chassis in the quarter, GreenPower presently has more than 50 ready for delivery.

SOURCE: GreenPower

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