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GKN Aerospace Joins HYFIVE Consortium for Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Cell Aviation Development

GKN Aerospace Joins HyFIVE

GKN Aerospace announces it has joined the HyFIVE consortium to establish a robust cryogenic hydrogen systems supply

GKN Aerospace announces it has joined the HyFIVE consortium to establish a robust cryogenic hydrogen systems supply chain for future aircraft. HyFIVE represents a major advancement in the creation of a cutting-edge liquid hydrogen fuel system and future supply chain. This partnership highlights GKN Aerospace’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability within the aviation industry.

The HyFIVE consortium, led by Marshall, is poised to achieve significant milestones, including the development and testing of scalable liquid hydrogen fuel system technologies, culminating in a fully integrated hydrogen fuel system ground demonstration.

By harnessing the unique capabilities of each industry partner, including Marshall’s experience in fuel system design and integration and Parker Meggitt’s expertise in fuel system components and thermal management technologies, the consortium aims to address key technical, safety, certification, and industrialization challenges associated with hydrogen fuel systems in aviation.

As the aviation industry seeks to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, hydrogen propulsion emerges as a critical pathway for decarbonization. GKN Aerospace is committed to advancing foundational technologies through initiatives like HyFIVE, contributing to a sustainable future for global aviation while creating significant market opportunities for the UK.

Max Brown, VP Technology GKN Aerospace said: “The HyFIVE liquid hydrogen fuel system programme will complement our existing world-leading hydrogen electric propulsion programme, H2GEAR. We have great respect for the fuel system capability Marshall and Parker bring to the table, and believe we now have a robust path to delivering the technology and supply chain required for hydrogen regional aircraft and beyond. This unique industry partnership, combined with the knowledge of leading academics, is a significant step towards a sustainable future for aviation.”

SOURCE: GKN Aerospace

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