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Geotab and Rivian Collaborate on Telematics Solution

Geotab and Rivian Partner for Integrated Data Solutions

Geotab, a leading provider of connected transportation solutions, and Rivian, announced a partnership to offer an

Geotab and Rivian, announced a partnership to offer an Integrated Data Solution for Rivian’s commercial vehicles in North America. This collaboration, revealed at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, will use embedded telematics in Rivian’s commercial vehicles to integrate vehicle data into the MyGeotabâ„¢ platform. Fleet managers can then access a single dashboard to view and analyze data, helping them optimize fleet performance and enhance mobility.

Rivian’s embedded telematics and Geotab’s fleet management services will enable fleets to improve productivity, compliance and safety. With no additional hardware or installation required, fleets can also reduce costs and maximize uptime, boosting profitably and increasing efficiency.

“Access to advanced data analytics and AI is rapidly advancing the world of connected transportation with positive benefits to the bottom line, safety, performance and sustainability,” said Rob Minton, Associate Vice President of Connected Car Development at Geotab. “You hear a lot about the coming of the software defined vehicle. The combination of Rivian’s rich sensor data capabilities accessed via the Geotab platform makes it a reality. Not only are fleets getting a technology-rich electric commercial vehicle, the Geotab and Rivian collaboration will supply fleets with a connected solution that is simple to activate, cost-effective and will help fleet managers better manage their fleets through real, quality data insights.”

“Rivian is excited to add Geotab to its growing ecosystem of strategic fleet management partners,” said Brandon Blumber, Director – Business Development, Rivian. “Rivian has developed a truly software-defined vehicle and has access to unique attributes and analytics that simply do not exist in the industry today. Through strategic partnerships, our commercial customers can leverage this rich data, advanced insights, and analytics to increase fleet uptime, optimize vehicle performance and reduce total cost of ownership – all without the need of additional hardware on the vehicle.”

The solution will be compatible with all commercial connected Rivian vehicles in the U.S.

Learn more about the Geotab Integrated Solution for Rivian here.

SOURCE: Geotab

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