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G.L.I.P. Generation Announces New Technology to Solve Distance and Charging Time for EVs

Distance and Charging Time for EVs

The new technology will bring about a global paradigm shift in EVs, solving the last 2 major problems, distance and charging time.

“The new technology will bring about a global paradigm shift in electric vehicles, solving the last 2 major problems, distance and charging time. In generators it will make them smaller, more powerful, while reducing the carbon footprint.” 

G.L.I.P. President DJ Whittaker

G.L.I.P. Generation Corporation breakthrough in magnetic fields was called the ‘king maker’ by the US Department of Energy review panel. The important breakthrough was recently 3rd party verified. The technology allows for generators to use a fraction of the gas, diesel, or nuclear material a generator would normally use.  Wind turbines, and hydro generators will be smaller, quieter, more powerful, and efficient. In EVs it allows for greater distances with smaller batteries for faster recharge time.

G.L.I.P. inventor David Joseph explained the breakthrough this way, “We were all taught these things were not possible. We found a way to take an existing magnetic field and use it to neutralize another magnetic field. Instead of back EMF resisting the rotor, it is assimilated by another field, so neutralized, meaning it no longer effects torque.”

ZERG, a 150kw AC magnet-less generator was successfully tested and verified by 3rd party Intertek, a company that started with Thomas Edison. Intertek verified no torque increased when a load was added. Further, Intertek verified it had normal AC sign wave coming directly from the primary coils with a normal output voltage.

The inventor described it this way, “We didn’t break any laws of physics, they are still nicely intact. We just bent them, no different then the Wright brothers.”

The technology effects more then power generation.

Replacing KWs with gauss creates a whole new math for motor efficiency. We are not talking about increasing the motor efficiency by just one or two percent. Its much higher than that. It really is the reinvention of the electric motor. 

G.L.I.P. inventor David Joseph

MEIM uses a similar magnetic field manipulation as in ZERG. MEIM is essentially a pulse motor. Unlike a pulse motor, MEIM’s magnetic fields are present in the non-energized phase.  MEIM replaces kilowatts with a magnets gauss, resulting in EV’s traveling longer distances with smaller batteries. MEIM is a DC motor. It eliminates the large, expensive DC to AC power converters in EV cars, and planes. MEIM uses recyclable and reusable magnets which are consistently re-magnetized in the energy phase of the motor.

The magnetic field breakthrough technology can be configured and scaled as required. From EV’s to industrial motors, from small alternators to Mega-watt generators. It is simpler to build then todays motors and generators. Its more cost effective in both the short run and long run for manufacturing.

Today, everyone calls everything the game changer. But in our case, it really is. 

Company President DJ Whittaker

SOURCE: G.L.I.P. Generation

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