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Foxtron Collaborate with Nidec to Bolster EV Key Component Development

EV Key Component Development

Foxtron has announced that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation (MoU) with Nidec Corporation to bolster EV key component development.

Foxtron has announced that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation (MoU) with Nidec Corporation, with the two parties now joining together as strategic cooperating partners, it will provide indispensable momentum in the powertrain development for the next generation electric vehicles. Nidec is the most comprehensive motor manufacturer in the world, and with its vast number of experiences and research resources accumulated in the electric powertrain, combining it with Foxtron’s vehicle design and development capabilities, it will undoubtedly strengthen the performance and development of the MIH open platform.

Coming together on the MIH open platform, allows Foxtron to fully expand its knowledge and experience in the vehicle design and engineering, and Nidec to utilize its motor technologies in the field, forming a deeply complimentary cooperating relationship, that is leading to an increase in development efficiency and products competitiveness. Both companies are now working on a plan that includes passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, where the initial results and demonstrations are planned to be revealed in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the future, Foxtron will continue to provide the latest technology and diversified platform options for the electric vehicle industry.

As the sole company in Taiwan that covers vehicle design, engineering development and system validation capabilities, Foxtron continues the decades long experience and assets of Foxconn Group and Yulon Group in the electronics and automotive sectors. And it is now assisting the MIH Alliance on the development of the MIH open platform, working on technologies within the C.A.S.E. innovation segments. The MIH platform provides an open architecture, with features such as “modularization” and “flexibility” and has received positive responses from partners in different industries, and Nidec will be playing a key role within the alliance in solidifying motor technologies and controls in the future.

Nidec’s powertrain system is known for its small-size, lightness, and high efficiency, coupled with its superior performances and high qualities, it allowed Nidec to maintain its leading competitiveness. In recent years, countries around the world have successively proposed plans and dates to ban the sales of internal combustion vehicles, which is one of the largest driving force for the electric vehicle market. Nidec has foreseen and believed in this change that begun its global strategic movements many years ago, investing into research and development of electric drive components and control technologies, its motor products are now covering the range from  50kW to 200kW, which is sufficient for most future electric vehicles, and Nidec is continuously improving its product’s efficiency, performance and weight, and it is targeting a 40% to 45% of the global electric vehicle powertrain system market share by 2030.

Senior Vice President/Executive General Manager, Automotive Motor & Electronic Control Business Unit of Nidec Corporation Kazuya HAYAFUNE said, “This cooperation is a stimulating challenge. We are intensively discussing with Foxtron every day. We hope that we will contribute to Foxtron in the future.” On the 25th of the MIH Alliance Member Gathering (MIH Alliance Member Gathering), Nidec will also share with the alliance members the experience of cooperating with Foxtron during this period of time through online participation.

General Manager of Foxtron Andy Lee said, “Nidec possesses the world-leading 3 in 1 traction motor system, which is the key for future electric vehicle developments. Thus, long before Foxtron announced its electric vehicles open platform project in the fourth quarter last year, we had already been discussing cooperating possibility with Nidec, and now with this MoU signed by both parties in place, it seals the partnership and will undoubtedly strengthen, deepen and accelerate the cooperation. We will be revealing and showcase the results in the fourth quarter of this year.”

Inspiring world-class talents to join the MIH alliance is an important key to the success of the development of the open platform. Many important international system suppliers have acknowledged MIH open platform as a valuable building block and resource, and this strategic cooperation with Nidec is just the beginning. Foxtron, as one of the alliance’s main hardware platform provider, will continuously work with Nidec together on competitive electric vehicle solutions, providing more diversified product portfolio for the electric vehicle industry in the future, and create the opportunity for domestic companies to join and showcase their capability internationally.

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