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FLO Survey Reveals Majority of EV Drivers Prefer DC Fast Chargers for Extended Trips

FLO_Survey_Says__Most EV_Drivers_Rely_on_Fast_Chargers_for_Long

According to a recent customer survey conducted by FLO, a prominent North American electric vehicle (EV) charging

According to a recent customer survey conducted by FLO, a prominent North American electric vehicle (EV) charging company and provider of smart charging solutions, the majority of EV drivers depend on DC fast chargers for extended trips. These findings, based on data collected from nearly 40,000 EV drivers across the United States and Canada, shed light on EV drivers’ charging behaviors and the activities they typically undertake during charging sessions.

Findings from the survey include:

  • DC fast chargers are needed for most EV drivers. 42% of respondents indicated they use them at least once a month and 60% reported they rely on them for extended or multi-city trips.
  • Charging time is not idle time. In a question asking what activities drivers engage in while their vehicle is charging at a fast charger, 51% of EV drivers said they engage with on-site amenities. When asked which activities they prefer to do while charging, 60% of drivers said they use this time to eat or buy refreshments while 19% said they use nearby retail stores to shop.
  • Reliable, public charging infrastructure is necessary. The survey found that 29% of EV owners in the survey did not have a charging station installed at their residence, highlighting the need for reliable public infrastructure. 
  • Owners use a mix of chargers and need access to both. The survey also discovered a diverse use of charging station types, with 35% of users primarily using Level 2 stations, 27% mainly using DC fast charging stations, and 31% relying on a mix of both. This variety underscores the need for a comprehensive network that offers both quick top-ups and longer-stay charging solutions and is designed for drivers who live in a range of building types.
  • Most EV drivers stay local and within the range provided by a single overnight charge. 30% of Canadian respondents reported driving 151 to 250 kilometers per week and 37% of American respondents reported driving between 100 to 200 miles per week.

“FLO’s survey demonstrates the need for more robust charging solutions across North America, enabling drivers to plug in wherever they are—at work, home, or on the go.” said Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO. “Hearing from almost 40,000 EV drivers is extremely informative and points towards the effectiveness of both at home and public charging networks in supporting the day-to-day lives of most EV drivers and providing the best charging experience one session at a time.”

Conducted last year, the survey supports the buildout of FLO’s own-and-operate network of fast chargers.

Businesses will host the chargers that FLO owns and operates. The sites will bring fast charging — a much-desired amenity — to their own customers without most of the expenses, risks or logistics of owning their own charger.

The program will primarily deploy the new dual-port FLO Ultra charger. With up to 320 kW of available power, the FLO Ultra charger will charge most new EVs to 80% in 15 minutes. The station is future capable of up to 500kW when paired with a second FLO Ultra charger. The FLO Ultra’s driver-centric design, reliable performance and ease of use make it the ideal charger for locations that include restaurants, restrooms and other amenities.

For more on FLO’s products and mission, visit flo.com


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