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Flexxbotics Reveals Robot Compatibility with Mazak Advanced Technology Solutions


Flexxbotics, a provider of workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, unveiled today the compatibility of its robot machine tending

Flexxbotics, a provider of workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, unveiled today the compatibility of its robot machine tending connectivity with the complete spectrum of Mazak CNC machines and automation equipment. The integration of Flexxbotics’ next-generation machining environments with Mazak advanced technology solutions enables enhanced throughput, improved yields, and increased profitability per part.

Flexxbotics’ patent-pending FlexxCORE technology enables robots to securely connect and communicate with Mazak equipment in the smart factory to provide more powerful, flexible and open robot connectivity than previously available. 

Robot compatibility is enabled by Flexxbotics for all different Mazak machine types including multi-tasking, hybrid multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, laser processing and automation. Flexxbotics is compatible with the full line of Mazak MAZATROL controllers including its next generation AI-powered SmoothAi, SmoothEz, SmoothX, SmoothG and SmoothC. 

“We understand that the robots need to work with the latest AI enabled CNC machines, as well as, the older machines that manufacturers already have in place,” said Tyler Modelski, Co-founder & CTO of Flexxbotics. “That’s why we deliver compatibility with over 1000 different models of CNC machines and have the ability to add new models rapidly.”

In addition to compatibility with Mazak MAZATROL controllers Flexxbotics is compatible with a wide range of open standard protocols including OPC/UA, MTConnect, Modbus-TCP, TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, and DeviceNet along with FOCAS2/FOCAS, MELSEC, Profibus/Profinet and other proprietary controllers and interfacing protocols.

Flexxbotics workcell digitalization is the backbone of the Smart Factory, delivering robot-driven manufacturing at scale with autonomous process control for advanced machining operations. Flexxbotics’ SaaS/hybrid architecture also runs both online and offline so production continues with or without internet access, and Flexxbotics works with existing business systems such as CAD/CAM, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, MES, ERP, PLM and others for complete synchronization.

A full set of bidirectional communication, transform and routing capabilities are available in Flexxbotics for the robots and Mazak machinery that are connected including loading PLC programs, sending instructions, updating parameters and status awareness depending on the equipment’s capabilities so the robots drive the machines in the smart factory.

“With Flexxbotics the robots do more than simply monitor CNC machines, the robots control and command the machines for closed-loop quality and continuous operations,” said Tyler Bouchard, Co-founder & CEO of Flexxbotics. “We view the advancement of robot-driven manufacturing in the smart factory as a game-changer.”

SOURCE: Flexxbotics

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