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FlashParking Expand Mobility Ecosystem

FlashParking the leader in mobility hub technology has announced expansion of their ecosystem with key mobility services.

FlashParking the leader in mobility hub technology has announced expansion of their ecosystem with key mobility services that maximise parking asset utilisation and enhance the consumer experience by teaming up with Bird and EVBox to offer asset owners and operators revenue diversification beyond parking. Bird are pioneer in shared electric scooters, and EVBox, a global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations.

An explosion of electric vehicles, rideshares, scooters, delivery vans, and more have created chaos on city roads and at the curbside. In response, earlier this year, FlashParking launched FlashOS, the industry’s only mobility hub operating system, that powers the transformation of parking assets into connected mobility hubs where parking, mobility, logistics, and transportation intersect. A key component of FlashOS is a unique ecosystem of third-party parking integrations, which now include mobility services with Bird and EVBox. Powered by open-API architecture, Flash’s unrivaled and continually evolving ecosystem enables asset owners and operators to future-proof parking operations, increase the productivity of existing infrastructure, and create new business models and revenue streams.

COVID-19 has changed the mobility landscape, accelerating the need for mobility hubs. Consumers have abandoned mass transit in favour of personal vehicles and last-mile open-air transit options, like Bird, who has seen its ridership and length of rides double. Coupled with mandates in municipalities like California that can require up to 10% of parking spaces have EV charging installed, asset owners and operators now more than ever need a partner to help get real estate ready to meet current consumer demands. This is how asset owners and operators can utilize Flash’s latest mobility services with Bird and EVBox to stay competitive and relevant with consumers:

  • Bird: To help asset owners and operators meet the demand for emission-free and socially distanced transportation solutions, FlashParking is teaming with micromobility juggernaut Bird to pilot a private scooter fleet owned by FlashParking that will drive incremental revenue. Flash’s integrated micromobility solution organizes, charges, and provides Bird-branded scooters for round trip usage, perfect for consumers looking to add scooters to their mobility routine. 
  • EVBox: To ensure asset owners and operators can provide the charging needs of EVs and that EV consumers can access chargers as easily as a parking spot, FlashParking is partnering with a leading global energy service provider, EVBox. Working together, the two companies created a comprehensive energy management solution integrated into FlashParking’s mobility hub platform. Building off a decade of experience in Europe and over four years of applying that expertise to the North American market, EVBox was the perfect partner to develop an EV charging solution that offers easy-to-use, flexible charging options with a sleek, attractive design.

“With our industry-leading technology and ecosystem of unique partnerships FlashParking is turning parking garages and surface lots into connected mobility hubs for all types of passengers and vehicles,” said Dan Sharplin, CEO of FlashParking. “Parking garages and lots will no longer only be used for parking cars. They will have charging stations for electric cars and scooters, car cleaning services, valet parking, delivery docks, and launching and landing pads for drones. FlashParking is demolishing the status quo and delivering technology that empowers asset owners and operators to create and manage mobility hubs that stay in lock-step with evolving consumer habits and mobility technology; the partnerships with Bird and EVBox are just the beginning.”

With the mobility infrastructure in place, asset owners and operators can manage their connected ecosystem from one platform. Ultimately, mobility hubs will not only have a real impact on congestion and emissions but will also give asset owners and operators a seat at the smart city table.

These mobility service announcements follow the recent launch of touchless parking with FlashMotion hardware and over-the-air software updates for SAFEvalet, adding to the suite of technology solutions within FlashOS.

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