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FEV Opens Smart Mobility Center Focusing on Intelligent and Electrified Mobility

Electrified Mobility

FEV India has established two new offices in Pune, one being the Smart Mobility Center focusing on intelligent and electrified mobility.

FEV India has established two new offices in Pune, Maharashtra. The Vehicle Development Center consolidates FEV’s development expertise in this field under one roof. The Smart Mobility Center follows the unveiling of the company’s new FEV.io global software brand, focusing on intelligent and electrified mobility. 

“We have a clear vision of supporting our customers to develop cutting-edge mobility solutions for a sustainable future. With our new dedicated offices in Pune, we provide one-stop solutions to our customers for vehicle development and intelligent mobility”, said Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of FEV Group.

FEV Vehicle Development Center 

Located in the AutoCluster Pune, FEV India’s Vehicle Development Center offers turnkey and customized vehicle engineering solutions for local and international customers. The range of services covers all stages from concept to start-of-production, including: 

  • Benchmarking
  • Interior and exterior layout
  • Body in white
  • Vehicle architecture
  • Passive safety development 
  • Chassis and driving dynamics 
  • NVH
  • Lighting

Today, the FEV Vehicle Development Center employs more than 150 technical experts with the potential to grow to 300 engineers in the future.

FEV Smart Mobility Center

Located in Baner, Pune, the Smart Mobility Center offers a complete portfolio of intelligent mobility solutions leveraging FEV’s new global software development and electronics engineering (EE) brand, FEV.io. It operates in seven domains:

  • Systems engineering
  • Functional safety and cyber security
  • Connected mobility
  • Infotainment
  • Software & EE platforms
  • Software & EE integration

Additionally, e-mobility solutions, including high-voltage batteries, power electronics, electric drive units, control software for BEVs, and battery management systems are being developed under one roof at FEV India’s new Smart Mobility Center. A team of more than 300 technical experts – with a future growth potential of up to 500 engineers – is employed there. 

“Establishing our new offices for vehicle development and intelligent mobility solutions is a big step towards further growth, as well as strengthening our existing partnerships”, said Vijay Sharma, Managing Director, FEV India. “With our skilled expert teams at both locations, we are confident in our ability to fully meet the demands and exceed the expectations of our customers.”

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