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FEV Celebrates MORPHEE Anniversary and Launches MORPHEE NEXT


FEV, is celebrating the anniversary of its MORPHEE software that automates a variety of tests in various mobility applications.

FEV, last week celebrated the anniversary of its MORPHEE software that automates a variety of tests in various mobility applications. To address expanding vehicle powertrain options, FEV has launched MORPHEE NEXT, the next generation of the software designed for testing electric and hydrogen vehicles.

For over 30 years, MORPHEE has been a unique global solution for test bench automation, real-time simulation, and calibration for vehicle systems. It controls test benches with a high level of safety and additional benefits: 

  • Large community: 4,500 user licenses installed since 1991, 20,000 users and 30 million test bench hours per year.
  • High performance: five mega samples per second.
  • Centralization: all measurements are synchronized with each other on a single computer.
  • Versatility: management of all test benches, from the most basic components to complete vehicles.
  • Open: scalable and compliant with standard market interfaces
  • Reliability: test cells are securely controlled 24 hours a day
  • Scalability: Windows 1.0 to Windows 10
  • Support: backed by experienced professionals to assist with any technical or troubleshooting needs

In addition, MORPHEE offers market-leading, real-time performance with a sampling capacity of five million samples per second. For an e-mobility test bench, this is critical to acquiring and controlling electrical and mechanical phenomena, such as a battery current charge/discharge. 

MORPHEE software can be integrated into a variety of other existing environments in automotive aerospace, marine, rail and energy applications. It interfaces with various communication protocols and measures equipment for testing specimens, such as batteries, e-motors, combustion engines, transmissions, and complete vehicles.

Addressing e-mobility

To meet the new requirements of battery test centers and battery manufacturing sites, FEV has developed MORPHEE NEXT, equipped with a range of integrated tools (e.g., FLEXLAB, MORPHEE and UNIPLOT) that can interact with one another and optimize the test protocol. Regularly updated, the amended software version is compliant with all new operating systems, offering exceptional performance (e.g., simultaneously running 32 battery cell tests). 

MORPHEE NEXT’s suite of integrated tools offer centralized, optimized and remote-controlled management, helping to reduce time and costs. As a result, the software is optimal for managing large battery test centers, including the automotive industry’s high-voltage battery gigafactories. Simulation is also supported by MORPHEE NEXT, allowing for simulation of all or part of the environment, including the driver, vehicle or traction chain.

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