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Farasis Energy Leads in Power Battery Innovation with Super Pouch Solution

Super Pouch Solution

In the swiftly evolving era of electric vehicles (EVs), there has been a substantial uptick in the demand for power batteries—a vital component of EVs. Between January and October 2023, the worldwide installation of power batteries soared to an impressive 225GWh, signifying a remarkable 116.1% surge compared to the preceding year. To meet the escalating need for improved battery performance, encompassing fast charging, cost efficiency, extended range, lightweight solutions, and safety, prominent battery manufacturers are continuously pioneering innovations and introducing novel products.

Standing at the vanguard of future EV requirements, Farasis Energy, a global leader in lithium-ion power batteries for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems, showcases several latest innovations, including the Super Pouch Solution (SPS), eVTOL battery technology, high-performance battery system solutions for electric motorcycles, as well as portable power stations, at the first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) 2023.

The Super Pouch Solution is designed to optimize charging efficiency, reduce costs, enhance performance, and adapt to various EV models. This ground-breaking solution integrates four key technologies: large-format pouch cells, integrated battery systems, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and efficient direct recycling.

Key Highlights of the SPS

  • High Energy Density: The SPS system offers an impressive energy density exceeding 220Wh/kg. This exceptional density allows for a driving range of over 1.000km. Its unique non-modular horizontal layout enables a more than 30% increase in energy density compared to conventional modular systems within the same volume.
  • Advanced Cell Technology: Utilizing lightweight aluminum plastic film encapsulation and an advanced stacking process. SPS cells outperform traditional prismatic and cylindrical batteries in energy density by over 10% for the same-sized cells.
  • Rapid Charging and Discharging Capabilities: With Farasis Energy’s 800VTC (Turbo Charge) technology, SPS supports charging and discharging rates from 2C to 6C and above. This feature allows various EV models to achieve rapid charging, offering up to 400km of range in just 10 minutes, whiles also maintaining high efficiency during energy release.
  • Innovative Lightweight Design: Integrating semi-solid large-format pouch cells directly into the system chassis, alongside a high-efficiency liquid cooling plate, SPS achieves a 75% volume utilization and reduces component count by half. This results in a system that’s 20-30kg lighter than traditional battery systems, providing a blend of lightweight efficiency and robust performance.
  • Enhanced Safety: SPS incorporates a safe chemical system, secure stacking design for pouch cells, proprietary phase change materials, superior thermal management, and an AI-driven BMS for comprehensive safety management. These innovations quadruple heat dissipation efficiency and extend the battery’s life cycle to over 3,000 cycles. Even in high-nickel content cells, SPS prevents thermal propagation in the event of thermal runaway in individual cells.
  • Cost Efficiency: The SPS’s design dramatically reduces the need for auxiliary materials and eliminates modularization, leading to a 33% reduction in material costs. The production line is compatible with various chemical systems, including liquid, semi-solid, and solid-state batteries, meeting the diverse, long-term needs of automotive manufactures. Additionally, the system offers customizable sizing, with the flexibility to adjust the thickness of the horizontal pouch cells from 85mm to 145mm. This adaptability enables battery system capacities ranging from 80kWh to 150kWh, making the SPS suitable for all vehicle types on a single chassis, thereby assisting automakers in shortening the R&D cycle for new models, reducing procurement costs, and ensuring a stable supply.
  • Low-Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing: Embracing smart technology, digitization, automation, and sustainability, SPS achieves a remarkable electrode stacking speed of 0.125 seconds per electrode. Over 1,200 robots contribute to an automation rate of 98.5%, ensuring that products consistently meet PPB quality standards.

Farasis Energy’s SPS sets a new benchmark in global power battery innovation. Since its introduction, the solution has been favored by leading automakers worldwide. The power battery sector is witnessing a plethora of technical approaches and innovative technologies, with the ultimate goal of finding the optimal balance of cost, safety, and performance for various usage scenarios. As the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market stabilizes and automakers focus on improving charging efficiency, innovative solutions like the SPS are ushering in a new era brimming with opportunities.

SOURCE: Farasis Energy

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