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Faraday Future Reveals New Manufacturing Updates and Introduces FF ieFactory California

FF ieFactory California

Faraday Future, reveals progress updates at its North American manufacturing facility and unveiled the official name, FF ieFactory California.

Faraday Future, today gave further progress updates at its North American manufacturing facility and unveiled the official name of the production plant located in Hanford, California which will now be identified as ‘FF ieFactory California.’ This state-of-the-art facility will lead the production of the all new TechLuxury FF 91 EV, arriving later this year.

The name ‘FF ieFactory California’ is synonymous with a new class of production facilities where intelligent, connected, and electrified products are created, and become part of a larger connected, shared user ecosystem. It is where the Ultimate Intelligent TechLuxury FF 91 is being built and will be just the beginning of FF’s global production platform.

“We continue to make exceptional progress on construction and development in our Hanford manufacturing plant, and we are getting closer to our start of production (SOP) later this year,” said Dr. Carsten Breitfeld, Global CEO of Faraday Future. “Main body lines, e-coat systems and paint ovens and conveyance are all in place for start of production and we continue to build production-intent vehicles that will be used for further testing and validation.”

FF is utilizing a sophisticated electrocoating process in its paint shop which will help ensure noticeably superior paint finish and durability. The team at the ‘FF ieFactory California’ is in the final stages of commissioning the tanks used in this process.

FF ieFactory California Body Shop

In the Body Shop, FF is nearing the accomplishment of the 6th milestone, which is the completion of construction and equipment installation in the final vehicle manufacturing areas. Robots in the Body Shop are undergoing final commissioning and validation to support production activity. This area, like the balance of the factory, focuses on quality and precision manufacturing processes and will help to ensure the FF 91 is built to the highest standards. This facility will adopt a customized, high-quality, luxury-focused production setup for the flagship FF 91 EV.

‘FF ieFactory California’ is about more than just making an EV product. FF is creating a larger “intelligent ecosystem,” hence the “ie” in the name. While this plant is very meaningful to FF, it’s equally as meaningful to the Hanford community. Faraday Future will hire upwards of 350 new employees at this facility as FF ramps up production.

FF is building out its facility focused on world class craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and automation to rival the top luxury automakers of the world. Since going public last July, FF has accomplished five manufacturing milestones and is in the process of the sixth and final milestone prior to Start of Production.

The flagship FF 91 will be the first high-end, high-performance, luxury, intelligent EV and will reset customer expectations for both driver and passenger experience. The FF 91 was designed in the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, engineered in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and China, and is being produced in the Hanford, Calif. manufacturing plant. The FF 91’s “Global DNA” reflects the talent at FF and across the globe, with support from top-tier suppliers from countries such as Italy, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, China, Belgium, Switzerland and more.

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