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Faction Announces Commercial Expansion of DriveLink® and TeleAssist® Technologies

DriveLink and TeleAssist Technologies

Faction, has announced the expanded commercial availability of its self-driving technologies, DriveLink and TeleAssist.

Faction, has announced the expanded commercial availability of its self-driving technologies, DriveLink® and TeleAssist®, which enable a cost effective and pragmatic approach towards a self-driving future.

Faction’s DriveLink® and TeleAssist® technologies together seamlessly blend basic driving autonomy with remote human-assisted teleoperation to effectively power self-driving systems at an advantageous price point. Its DriveLink® technology creates a digital vehicle platform for vehicle manufacturers to enable driverless technology. TeleAssist® leverages remote human assistance, similar to an air traffic controller, allowing the vehicle to run with limited human intervention. As struggles continue to mount in the fully autonomous driving space, driverless solutions like Faction’s offer a pragmatic, scalable, and cheaper alternative to fully autonomous systems.

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Many vehicle OEMs are learning that it’s expensive to retrofit their vehicles with technologies that enable driverless solutions, let alone develop one entirely on their own. Faction’s technology suite provides an opportunity for OEMs to design driverless solutions into their vehicles at a fraction of the cost.

“Faction’s technology is revolutionizing the way we approach autonomous vehicles, while significantly reducing the cost of implementing these types of self-driving solutions,” said Jesse Fittipaldi, Interim CEO of Arcimoto. “Combining their technology with our vehicles can enable driverless solutions at under $2 a mile, something truly remarkable.”

In partnership with existing vehicle partners, current Faction enabled vehicle platforms cost less than $35,000, a far cry from the high-end fleets on the market today which can be in the hundreds of thousands to implement. To integrate the white-labeled platform of DriveLink® and TeleAssist® into their own vehicles, OEMs and other companies can expect to spend less than $15,000 per vehicle, creating a highly scalable and cost effective way to integrate driverless technology into their vehicles.

Faction is actively working with new OEM partners. “We’re building our fit-for-purpose electric vehicles from the ground up, and Faction’s driverless technology is an integral part of our vehicles,” said Jason Marks, CEO of Telo Trucks Inc., which is building EV trucks for urban workers and weekend adventurers. “We recognize the importance of a winning strategy for driverless delivery, and we’re solving that with a combination of the world’s most space efficient EV package and Faction’s DriveLink and TeleAssist.”

“It’s become no secret that 100% autonomy is further down the road than initially anticipated, and that’s why today’s answer to driverless vehicles is the simple, yet effective combination of human assistance and basic autonomy,” said Ain McKendrick, CEO of Faction. “Our technology enables a driverless future at a fraction of what it has already cost to try making fully autonomous vehicles a reality.”

To further advance driverless solutions within the automotive industry, Faction is keen to partner with OEMs and other manufacturers. Potential partners interested in enabling driverless solutions into their businesses should contact Faction with the information below.

SOURCE: Faction

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