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Exyte and JGC Corporation Sign Collaboration Agreement

Exyte Agreement

Exyte has established a strategic collaboration with JGC Corporation, the overseas Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) business

Exyte has established a strategic collaboration with JGC Corporation, the overseas Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) business arm of the JGC Group. This partnership aims to promote and execute EPC projects for high-tech industries in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

Exyte and JGC Corporation will explore the joint business development and execution of EPC projects, collaboratively expanding the business fields of high-tech facility projects in Southeast Asian emerging countries, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. Both companies combine their strengths in this endeavor. Exyte brings extensive expertise in the design and engineering of high-tech facilities, along with access to top international companies. JGC is already highly active in the target countries and excels in local project delivery.

Exyte CEO Dr. Wolfgang Büchele emphasized the strategic rationale behind the agreement, stating, “since its inception, Exyte has been very successful in pursuing its ‘follow the client’ strategy. We are present where our clients invest. The Southeast Asian emerging countries are highly attractive for investments in high-tech facilities. For Exyte and JGC, there are promising business opportunities in future markets. We are pleased to have found the right partner in JGC, who has already successfully implemented other EPC projects in these countries rich in potential.”

With the signing of the collaboration agreement, Farhan Mujib, JGC Corporation President, has said that both Exyte and JGC share similar values on safety, quality, and execution excellence. “Through this collaboration, we will offer unique solutions with industry-leading technical expertise and customer knowledge of Exyte coupled with regional knowledge and project delivery capability of JGC for our customers.”

Market growth in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia stands out as one of the rapidly expanding global markets embracing high-tech solutions. Governments and businesses throughout the region are actively initiating efforts to incorporate these technologies for smarter and more efficient operations. Along with the development of the digital society, the market size of the high-tech manufacturing sectors is continuously expanding. In recent years, the market has been supported by the incentive policies of respective countries for the strengthening of security and supply chains. Capital investment in the high-tech industry is expected to significantly grow in Southeast Asia’s emerging markets, as well as in developed countries such as Japan, Europe, the US, and Singapore.

“Next Level” future agenda for accelerated profitable growth

Exyte continues to pursue its ambitious growth strategy, “Pathway to Ten,” aiming for a sales level of 10 billion euro by 2027. To this end, Exyte has initiated a dedicated future agenda to propel the company to the next level of profitable growth. As part of the “Next Level” agenda, the company is progressively expanding its leading market position. One element of this strategy is the further internationalization of business activities in its target industries. In recent years, Exyte has successfully implemented EPC projects and billion-dollar investments in Malaysia and Singapore for international blue-chip companies in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and data center sectors.

Exyte creates a better future by delivering sustainable solutions for high-tech facilities to enable its clients to provide innovative products and services that enhance the quality of modern life. Thereby, the company consistently delivers on its value proposition – “Bringing the future of technology to life” – to meet the ever-increasing demands of its clients.


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