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Frog and Monday Motorbikes will provide expanded global mobility options

Frog have today announced that they have entered a strategic partnership with Monday Motorbikes.

Frog have today announced that they have entered a strategic partnership with Monday Motorbikes. Frog are a global micromobility company and Monday Motorbikes are a California-based electric motorbike company. This partnership will provide expanded global mobility options with a faster time to market.

Under the partnership, Monday Motorbikes, manufacturer of Gateway mopeds, will design and manufacture Frog’s new seated electric mopeds at a cost-effective price point, allowing for a larger fleet and a faster time to market. This addition to the Frog fleet will further expand Frog’s shared mobility options, offer accessibility to an expanded user base, and provide a path to strategic on-demand delivery service partnerships, all while replacing carbon-emitting vehicles and car trips with eco-friendly transportation options.

“Frog and Monday Motorbikes share similar visions for the future of urban transportation,” said Christian Okonsky, Co-founder of Frog. “The integration of the Gateway mopeds and Frog’s commercial-grade scooters will allow both Si companies to evolve together as we create the most eco-friendly transportation options.”

Monday Motorbikes Gateway boasts two types of mopeds to support local city regulations: a throttle-powered version with a range of 70 miles and a lower-powered pedal-assist version with a range of 35 miles that works more like a traditional bike. The Gateway moped is equipped with large-volume tires, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, lightweight custom aluminum alloy frame, swappable batteries, adjustable cushioned seat, and a high visibility LCD display with day and night illumination.

“Frog is a leader in the e-mobility space and an ideal strategic partner for Monday Motorbikes as we look to deploy our low weight Gateway electric mopeds as a shared mobility option,” said Josh Rasmussen, CEO of Monday Motorbikes. “Monday Motorbikes and Frog have each demonstrated their ability to deliver world-class products. We believe that, together, our combined expertise can bring additional sustainable e-mobility products that meet the transportation needs of both users and cities.”

Frog and Monday Motorbikes’ combined strengths will uniquely position the two organizations to answer the growing demand for seated shared mobility options and will allow for future product collaborations between the two companies to continue to solve the first and last-mile transportation gap in urban transport.

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